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Member First Name Last Name Expeditions Organization Occupation Profile
Simone Welch's picture
Simone Welch Spring Plankton and Changing Ice Cover Oyster Bilingual ES Teacher View Profile
Al Werner's picture
Al Werner High Arctic Change 08, High Arctic Change 2010, High Arctic Change 2012 Mount Holyoke College Researcher View Profile
Gary Wesche's picture
Gary Wesche Cresis Aerial Survey of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet St. John Francis Regis School Teacher View Profile
Deanna Wheeler's picture
Deanna Wheeler Early Spring Plankton and Benthos, Ecosystem Study of the Chukchi Shoal J. C. Parks Elementary School Teacher View Profile
John Whiteman's picture
John Whiteman Polar Bear Response to Sea Ice Loss University of Wyoming Researcher View Profile
Rob Wilder's picture
Rob Wilder Arctic Tundra Dynamics Spartanburg High School Teacher View Profile
Betsy Wilkening's picture
Betsy Wilkening Ocean, Atmosphere, Sea Ice, and Snowpack Interactions Wilson K-8 School Teacher View Profile
Alexis Will's picture
Alexis Will Migration and Carry-Over Effects in Arctic Seabirds University of Alaska Researcher View Profile
Andre Wille's picture
Andre Wille Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies 2014 Aspen High School Teacher View Profile
Ken Williams's picture
Ken Williams Reconstructing the Past Climate of Central Alaska Nobleboro Central School Teacher View Profile
Cory Williams's picture
Cory Williams Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies, Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies 2014, Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies 2017 Northern Arizona University Researcher View Profile
Michael Wing's picture
Michael Wing Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change Sir Francis Drake High School Teacher View Profile
John Wood's picture
John Wood Erebus Volcano Antarctica, Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra, Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2012 Talbert Middle School Teacher View Profile
Allyson Woodard's picture
Allyson Woodard Permafrost and Community Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Educator View Profile
Art Woods's picture
Art Woods Polar Gigantism in Antarctica University of Montana Researcher View Profile
John Woods's picture
John Woods Oden Antarctic Expedition 08, Operation IceBridge Arctic, Operation IceBridge Antarctica, Operation IceBridge 2017 SGT Inc., NASA Operation IceBridge, GSFC Researcher View Profile
Jillian Worssam's picture
Jillian Worssam Bering Ecosystem Study 08, Sea Floor Changes and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Sinagua Middle School Teacher View Profile
Anne Marie Wotkyns's picture
Anne Marie Wotkyns Oden Antarctic Expedition 2010 J.B.Monlux Magnet Elem. School Teacher View Profile
Hongjie Xie's picture
Hongjie Xie Seasonal Sea Ice Production in the Ross Sea University of Texas at San Antonio Researcher View Profile
Tish Yager's picture
Tish Yager Nitrogen in the Arctic Ocean Ecosystem, Oden Antarctic Expedition 07, Oden Antarctic Expedition 08, Oden Antarctic Expedition 2010 University of Georgia Researcher View Profile
Hollis Yenna's picture
Hollis Yenna Historical Ecology for Risk Management Nenana City School Teacher View Profile
Duncan Young's picture
Duncan Young Measuring East Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability University of Texas at Austin Researcher View Profile
Kim Young's picture
Kim Young Winter Respiration in the Arctic Weston High School Educator View Profile
Lucas Zoet's picture
Lucas Zoet Sliding Glaciers University of Wisconsin-Madison Researcher View Profile
Bob Zook's picture
Bob Zook Antarctic Seafloor Ecology, Antarctic Undersea ROV 09 Moss Landing Marine Labs Researcher View Profile
Ezra Zubrow's picture
Ezra Zubrow Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change, Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change 2010 University at Buffalo Researcher View Profile