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Packing AfterAntarct
Lots of Travel Ahead I received my travel plans from the United States Antarctic Program (USAP)...

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Why are the shadehouses simulating a tundra environment when the shadehouses are already located in a tundra? When the 3 scientist were looking at that section of tundra, what were they looking for?
Nick - thank you for the comment/suggestion. I have reached out to NPR, but have not received a response. I plan to send out another email before I leave next week. I am looking forward to meeting...
Around Toolik what is the range of depths of the active layer?

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Cara at science day talking to a student.
22 August 2016
Newspaper article related to outreach at the Mystic Aquarium Women in Science Day. URI researchers and PolarTREC teacher Cara Pekarcik were interviewed about their upcoming research trip to Antarctica. Cara at Mystic Aquarium Women in Science Day talking to a student.