Join us for Two Upcoming PolarConnect Events

Denise and Amy at work on their expeditions

PolarTREC educator Denise Hardoy will be live on Wednesday, 20 November at 8:15 AM AKST (9:15 AM PST, 10:15 AM MST, 11:15 AM CST, 12:15 PM EST) to discuss her experience on the team studying Antarctic Fish Development Under Future Ocean Conditions. You can read more about what Denise is learning here.

Educator Amy Osborne will be presenting about her research experience at McMurdo Station on Friday, 22 November at 8:30 AM AKST (9:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM MST, 11:30 AM CST, 12:30 PM EST). Amy is working on the team researching the Thermal Sensitivity of Embryos and Larvae of Antarctic Marine Ectotherms.

Expedition Timeline

Use the interactive timeline below to explore with the new cohort of educators and researchers!

2019 Expedition Timeline

Latest Journals

20 November 2019 Women Wednesday: Emily Whitmer

By: Bridget Ward
Emily Whitmer at Hutton Cliffs field site
Meet one of the Growing Up on Ice team's Veterinarians Emily Whitmer Emily Whitmer at Hutton Cliffs field site Name: Emily Whitmer Title: Veterinary Fellow at The Marine Mammal Center What state are you from? California What college(s) did you or do you attend? BA in biology from Carleton…

20 November 2019 Sub-sea Permafrost -- It exists!

By: Katie Gavenus
Small sample of permafrost
Earlier, Catherine asked about coring rock, sediment, or ice sheets. As a reader of PolarTREC journals, Catherine is hoping to learn more about the geological history of the area. There isn't any sediment or ice sheet coring happening through MOSAiC; however, there were people onboard the Fedorov…

21 November 2019 So Many Questions, So Little Time

By: Amy Osborne
Amy Osborne with chalkboard announcing November 22nd PolarConnect Event
"With a thousand million questions..." -Moody Blues I looked at my watch...November 20th...WHAT?! November 20th! I leave Antarctica on November 26th! Ack! Only six days left on this cold, windy, icy, continent that I've grown to love in such a short time. Only six days left to hang out with and…

18 November 2019 South Pole: Pause

By: Jocelyn Argueta
Tech Rehearsal for Jargie the Science Girl!
South Pole: Pause I’m taking a break from South Pole prep to get ready for our last national Jargie the Science Girl! show of 2019! I’m so happy the dates for the South Pole matched up perfectly with our touring schedule. I’ll be traveling perfectly sandwiched between two big performances.…

18 November 2019 A Day at Turtle Rock

By: Denise Hardoy
Weddell Seal
Live Event Don't forget to sign up for my live PolarConnect event coming up this Wednesday at 9:15 A.M. Pacific Time!! Register here: Anyone can register and join live. Dr. Todgham and I will be talking about Antarctica, life at McMurdo Station and…

18 November 2019 Celebrate Learning, Living, and Penguins!

By: Amy Osborne
A diver in a mask and dry suit
"Celebrate good times, come on!" -Kool and the Gang Join me on Friday, November 22nd (8:30 AM AKST, 9:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM MST, 11:30 AM CST, 12:30 PM EST) for a live event from McMurdo field station. I'll be streaming live from the Aquarium in the Crary Lab at McMurdo Station. Join in to learn…

PolarTREC Updates

The work of professor Bryon Crump, graduate student Natasha Christman, and PolarTREC teacher David Walker is highlighted in the weekly newsletter of the Oregon State University College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (On the Horizon).

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Live event on 14 October 2019 with PolarTREC educator Katie Gavenus aboard the Russian R/V Federov as part of the MOSAiC Expedition. Katie spoke with and answered questions from students at Brevig Mission school in Alaska.

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What is PolarTREC?

STEM at the Poles! Research Experiences for Formal and Informal Educators in the Polar Regions is the newest iteration of PolarTREC. The educators (formal and informal) come from the United States and spend 3-6 weeks participating in hands-on field research experiences in the Arctic or Antarctica, working side by side with scientists. STEM at the Poles is professional development for educators across all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines connecting them to the polar regions and the research community; developing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) resources; and changing how they teach STEM in both informal and formal learning environments. PolarTREC is funded through awards from the National Science Foundation and administered by the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS).

Image: The 2019 PolarTREC Cohort and project management team pose for a photo outside the Syun-Ichi Akasofu Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus during orientation week.

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