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Did you know that versions of some of your favorite plants exist here in the Arctic? I’ll try to...

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Hi Noel, As I stated in a previous answer, that picture wasn't from our lab so I don't actually know what the scientists were doing or why having soil on your shoes would impact their experiment.
Hi Kevin, Maybe someday you can get up to the tundra - there are lots of ways to get here besides science! I agree that the flowers are amazing, which is why scientists want to understand what...
There aren't a lot of large animals here at the field station, but there are a lot of birds and we often see fat ground squirrels stocking up for the winter. Further up the tundra (about a 1-2 hour...

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Cara at science day talking to a student.
22 August 2016
Newspaper article related to outreach at the Mystic Aquarium Women in Science Day. URI researchers and PolarTREC teacher Cara Pekarcik were interviewed about their upcoming research trip to Antarctica. Cara at Mystic Aquarium Women in Science Day talking to a student.