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Happy Antarctica Day!
Happy Antarctica Day! (That is a tardigrade in his left arm.) I hope you had a great Antarctica...

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Keyonna, I LOVE it here. There is so much to learn and so many interesting people to meet and so much left to do for our mission! The daytime is 6 months long! The sun won't set here again until...
Kevin, What a great way to recognize Antarctica day! I especially like the "all expense paid trip to Antarctica" that the winners received! It won't be long for you now! What are you looking...
Mr. Penn, Do you like it down there, in Antarctica? How long is the daytime right now in Antarctica?

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Article from IN Shaler Winter 2018
1 November 2018
This is an article in a local quarterly magazine (IN Shaler Winter 2018 ed.) about Mike Penn's PolarTREC deployment to Antarctica with the 2018 Automatic Weather Stations project.