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McMurdo Station
I get lots of questions about food in McMurdo so here is a blog about food. The galley (cafeteria)...

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Condition 1 is rare in summer months at McMurdo and only slightly more common at pole. I am hoping that this nice weather keeps up.
We have been pretty lucky mostly just condition 3. Even the condition 2 was largely due to poor visibility. So I don't think I've been in any danger due to the weather. But I dress conservatively and...
It has both diesel and electric motors which they can use at the same time or mix and match. It has a 2 inch thick hull and no keel. These and other design features allow it to push, or slam into the...

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15 December 2016
Kate Miller's expedition, and an opportunity to receive a postcard from the South Pole, is featured in the Arlington Public Schools' publication "NewsCheck." This newsletter is emailed to teachers and available on the main website.