Learning Resources

PolarTREC Learning Resources is a collection of articles, lessons, activities, interactive media, and more for educators, families, students, or anyone interested in teaching or learning more about the science of the Arctic and Antarctica.

Many of these resources have been aggregated into "Collections". The collections are a chance to find all types of resources that all pertain to a specific discipline or location.

Special Collections

International Polar Week: Celebrate the poles during the March and September equinoxes! This collection is for finding and sharing resources related to the bi-annual International Polar Week. Each celebration has a flagship activity that any one can do.

Bering Sea Ecosystem: A collection of lessons and resources developed during a four-day workshop that brought together teachers who had traveled to the Bering Sea during teacher researcher experience programs; Bering Sea community teachers from St. Paul, Emmonak, and Nome; as well as project scientists interested in gaining expertise in broader impacts activities.

Arctic Ocean Ecosystem: A special collection of materials for teaching about the Arctic Ocean and the impacts of climate change.

The Cyber-based Interdisciplinary Science Educator (C-ISE) Collection

The collections below are utilized during the C-ISE Professional Development course which is offered by PolarTREC and through the University of Alaska. To find out more about these professional development courses visit: PolarTREC Online Course for Educators.

Life Science Collection - A collection of resource pertaining to life sciences in the Polar Regions.
Physical Science Collection - A collection of resources looking at physical sciences in the Polar Regions.
Earth Science Collection - A collection of resources centered on Polar Region earth sciences.
Social Science Collection - A collection of resources focusing on social sciences in the Polar Regions.