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The scientific objectives of the cruise were to collect a range of data in rarely traveled areas of the Antarctic seas and coastline, including the Bellingshausen, Amundsen, and eastern Ross Seas. International science teams worked alongside teachers and other personnel monitoring wildlife, including pinnipeds, cetaceans, seabirds, and penguins; surveying sea ice and meteorological conditions; mapping the chemical, thermal and bathymetric properties of the ocean; and measuring the abundance of plankton and nutrients in the ocean. These studies helped add to our limited knowledge of these remote corners of the Antarctic and allow future researchers to expand their monitoring efforts in these regions.

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Teachers Ute Kaden and Allan Miller journeyed across the world to participate in a unique co-operative endeavor between the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Along with researchers, teachers and other personnel from Sweden, Chile and the United States, Ute and Allen boarded the Swedish icebreaker Oden in Punta Arenas, Chile and traveled to McMurdo Base in Antarctica, finally returning home via Christchurch, New Zealand. This voyage was the first education project to be supported by PolarTREC in celebration of the International Polar Year and presented a wonderful opportunity for international collaboration in science, education, and outreach.

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Remember me? The adorable little teddy bear that sent you e-mails from Antarctica back in December? Well I've been invited by a friend of Allan Miller's (Dan Wray from Indiana) from the NASA Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers to join the Spacebound Mojave expedition that will be taking place…
It's true - this weekend Mrs. Chippy - the polar teddy bear that joined me on the Oden - is joining a fellow NASA Network of Educator Astronaut Teacher Dan Wray and heading off to study astrobiology in the Mojave Desert.  You can check out their expedition blogs at: www.mojavechippy.blogspot.com …
This is a great story giving some background about Dave Carey, who I wrote about in one of my journals. I thought many of you would enjoy some more information about his family in this well written article from our local Alaskan paper. Allan Story of Lt. David M. Carey put to rest in Antarctica…
INTERVIEW with PROFESSOR STEPHEN ACKLEY Professor Stephen Ackley (http://www.utsa.edu/lrsg/Staff/Steve/SAckley.htm) is the principal investigator (PI) for the Sea Ice research conducted during the Oden cruise 2006/2007 to Antarctica by Dr. Hongjie Xie and Burcu Cicek from UTSA. He participated…
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International Expedition to Antarctica aboard the Icebreaker Oden '06

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Live event from the Icebreaker Oden with Allen Miller and Ute Kaden.

Live event from the Icebreaker Oden.