It's true - this weekend Mrs. Chippy - the polar teddy bear that joined me on the Oden - is joining a fellow NASA Network of Educator Astronaut Teacher Dan Wray and heading off to study astrobiology in the Mojave Desert.  You can check out their expedition blogs at:  be sure to check out how Mrs. Chippy has traded in the parka for some more appropriate desert attire! 

     If you or your class enjoyed tracking our expedition and would like a "test" of your latitude and longitude skills - Mrs. Chippy will be doing some extensive traveling across the US and her expected coordinates are in the blog.  See if you can predict where this crazy little polar bear will be migrating to this time.

    If you'd like to read about the overall expedition - it's called SpaceBound Mojave and the website is

     It may not be polar science - but the study of how life can adapt to extreme environments is sure critical to much that we're hoping to learn from the International Polar YearThe International Polar Year (IPY) is a two year (2007-2009) program of international research and education focused on the Arctic and Antarctic. Click here for more information about IPY. - and it is a theme all over the globe.

     Allan Miller