Swedish icebreaker Oden & US Coastguard icebreaker Polar Sea maintaining the Ship channel and escorting supply ships to McMurdo, 1-14-07

    Swedish icebreaker Oden at the ice pier in McMurdo, 1-14-07 (photo Oden crew)

    The main mission to break the ship channel to McMurdo for the 2006-2007 Antarctic season is accomplished by the Swedish icebreaker Oden –Congratulation. The crew of the Oden will be exchanged in three days - Happy vacation, and job well done.

    US Coastguard icebreaker Polar Sea in McMudo, 01-06-07 (photo Oden crew)

    US Coastguard icebreaker Polar Sea's mission is to groom the ice channel broken by the Oden and keep it from refreezing while the container ships and fuel ships come to McMurdo, starting to arrive next week, to supply the science station.

    Ute Kaden

    Thanks to the Oden crew, especially First Officers Mattias Peterson and Ola Andersson, for the updates and photos of the Oden mission.