First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Nick LaFave Predatory Spiders in the Arctic Food Web Teacher Clover High School View Profile
Michael Lampert Glacial Movement and Seismicity Teacher West Salem High School View Profile
Amber Lancaster Impacts of the Larsen Ice Shelf System on the Weddell Sea Teacher June Jordan School for Equity View Profile
William Landing US Arctic GEOTRACES Researcher Florida State University View Profile
Tom Lane Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2013 Teacher Bellows Free Academy View Profile
Claude Larson Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change 2010 Teacher Jefferson Township Middle School View Profile
Melissa Lau Phenology and Vegetation Change in the Warming Arctic Educator Piedmont Intermediate View Profile
Lawrence Lawver Drake Passage Opening, Sea Floor Changes and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Researcher University of Texas at Austin View Profile
Matthew Lazzara Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations 2018 Researcher University of Wisconsin-Madison View Profile
Michael League Adaptations of Marine Worms in Antarctica Teacher Millsboro Middle School View Profile
Mike LeBaron Antarctic Sub Glacial Lake and Stream Studies Teacher Lake Norman High School View Profile
Barry Lefer Greenland Atmospheric Studies Researcher University of Houston View Profile
Keith Lehigh Researcher Indiana University View Profile
Carl Leuschen Cresis Aerial Survey of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Researcher University of Kansas View Profile
Noa Levanon View Profile
Amy Leventer Totten Glacier System in East Antarctica Researcher Colgate University View Profile
Ann Linsley Human Impacts in Antarctica Teacher Bellaire High School View Profile
David Lipson Microbial Activity in Thawing Arctic Permafrost, Arctic Wetland Dynamics in Finland Researcher San Diego State University View Profile
Heather Liwanag Weddell Seals: Growing Up on Ice Researcher California Polytechnic State University View Profile
Javier Lopez View Profile
Mike Loranty Vegetation Impacts on Permafrost Researcher Colgate University View Profile
Vanessa Lougheed Research Opportunities in the Arctic for Minorities, UTEP Arctic Change and Education Researcher University of Texas at El Paso View Profile
Laura Lukes Greenland Education Tour 2011 Einstein Fellow View Profile
Michael Lundberg Nansen and Amundsen Basins Observational System Researcher University of Alaska, Fairbanks View Profile