Micheal Lampert grew up saving earthworms from sunny sidewalks, wondering about how water drops dance on hot skillets, puzzling over which color is at the top of a rainbow, and trying to build perpetual energy machines with Lego's. His love of physics and science led him to become a physics teacher at West Salem High School in Salem, Oregon. As a teacher of over twenty years he has continually tried to bring the excitement of science research to his students.

In the classroom, Mr. Lampert's students have learned about science using exciting hands-on instruction and have been highly successful in national contests. Photos of his students line the wall with their successes and humorous follies. He loves art and integrates it into his lessons whenever possible. Mr. Lampert's ultimate goal is to enthuse a generation of students to pursue science as a life-long career.

His fascination with the Polar Regions began many years ago, with a play on Antarctica his mother took him to. From that day on he was hooked on the adventures of Scott, Schackleton, and Amundsen and he has previously studied ozone depletion while based in McMurdo Station. He is thrilled to continue connecting science with the community through PolarTREC.

West Salem High School

Salem, OR
United States