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Where Are They?

During the Greenland-led Field School portion of the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP), from 1-15 July 2011, the student research teams were primarily stationed in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. They traveled to sampling sites around Kangerlussuaq, including nearby Russell Glacier and Kellyville, home of the Sondrestrom Incoherent Scatter Radar Research Facility.

The climate in Kangerlussuaq is arctic, with temperatures ranging from -25 to 18 degrees Celsius throughout the year and averaging between 5 and 18 degrees during July. July is also the second highest precipitation month at an average of 5 days of precipitation and an average of 22 mm total precipitation in July.

During the US-led Science Education Week portion of JSEP, 16-24 July 2011, the participants traveled to both the NEEM and Summit Station field stations located on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Latest Journals

Agenda Highlights 1) 6am flight! 2) Next steps...
JSEP Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011 Baby musk ox on the way to Russell Glacier. Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011. Russell Glacier and awesome metamorphic rocks! Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011. Ice melt structures. Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011. Jakob, Kurt, and Ole by glacier. Photo by Laura Lukes…
Taking bags to the Kangerlussuaq airport. Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011. Rebecca reluctantly says goodbye. Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011. Saying goodbye to the Danish students. Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011. Recycling pays in Greenland! Jeannie and Vince earn 150 Danish Kroner (about $50)!…
Today's student commentary Submitted by Ole (Greenland) Today we started with a plane tour in airport and. In this plane tour we were told how the Hercules airplanes are and how solitary parts (engine, cockpit, emergency etc.) are. We could ask about everything we will know and could sit on the…
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Joint Science Education Project (JSEP): Field School and Science Education Week

Greenland Education Tour 2011 Resources

Article describing teacher Laura Lukes' hands-on teaching experiences and her 2011 expedition with an international group of two dozen students at Kangerlussuaq Field School in Greenland.

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