Michael League

Michael League grew up in coastal Massachusetts, playing sports and sneaking away to the beach at every opportunity. At an early age, his parents took him to a fabulous aquarium where he tried to learn the name of every fish. Thanks to that fateful trip, Mr. League learned how to SCUBA dive, and has been using that as a means to explore the world beneath the waves ever since. In 2004, Mr. League went to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in the submarine DSV Alvin to study hydrothermal vents. (Hydrothermal vents are underwater volcanoes that are home to some of the most unusual animals on Earth.) The best part about the expedition was sharing it with students all over the world through technological means. A year later, Mr. League traveled to McMurdo Station, Antarctica to dive under the ice and study the amazing animals that live in the coldest water on the planet. Mr. League is a science teacher at Millsboro Middle School in Millsboro, Delaware. Outside of the classroom, Mr. League can be found playing with a new piece of technology, cycling, or walking the beaches of Southern Delaware with his wife and their puppy, Mac.

Millsboro Middle School

Millsboro, DE
United States

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Michael League