First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Rosanne D'Arrigo Forest Response to Arctic Environmental Change Researcher Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory View Profile
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen CReSIS Greenland Ice Sheet Studies Researcher University of Copenhagen View Profile
Ian Dalziel Drake Passage Opening Researcher University of Texas at Austin View Profile
Sarah Das Greenland Subglacial Tremor Project Researcher Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution View Profile
Emily Davenport Bering Ecosystem Study, Bering Sea Benthic Studies Graduate Student Western Washington University View Profile
Emily Davenport View Profile
Wayne Dawson Investigating Ecosystem Carbon Response in Boreal Forests Researcher University of Virginia View Profile
Paul Dayton Antarctic Seafloor Ecology Researcher Moss Landing Marine Laboratories View Profile
Nora Deans Bering Ecosystem Change Senior Outreach Manager North Pacific Research Board View Profile
Mary Beth Decker Jellyfish in the Bering Sea, Jellyfish in the Bering Sea 2018 Researcher Yale University View Profile
Mike DeGrandpre CO2 and pH Studies of the Arctic Ocean Researcher University of Montana View Profile
Paula Dell Biology of Antarctic Fishes, Biology of Antarctic Fishes 2013 Teacher Lindblom Math and Science Academy View Profile
Jennie DeMarco Fire and Carbon in Siberian Forests Reseacher Western Colorado University View Profile
Al Devol Researcher University of Washington View Profile
Kevin Dickerson Dry Valleys Ecosystem Study Educator American Fork Junior High School View Profile
Sarah Diers Dissolved Organic Matter in Antarctica Teacher View Profile
Jo Dodds Greenland Snow Studies Teacher O’Leary Junior High School View Profile
Emily Dodson Climate Change and Pollinators in the Arctic Teacher Crawford Middle School View Profile
Peter Doran Lake Ecosystems in Antarctica Researcher University of Illinois at Chicago View Profile
Brian DuBay Tectonic History of the Transantarctic Mountains, Tectonic History of the Transantarctic Mountains 2013 Teacher Grissom Middle School View Profile
Joshua Dugat Long-Term Circumpolar Permafrost Monitoring Teacher Success at Schwarz Academy View Profile
Ken Dunton Northern Alaska Coastal Ecosystems Researcher The University of Texas at Austin View Profile
Michael Duvernois IceCube and the Askaryan Radio Array, IceCube and The Askaryan Radio Array 2019, IceCube and The Askaryan Radio Array 2022 Researcher University of Wisconsin-Madison View Profile
Timothy Dwyer Polar Gigantism in Antarctica Teacher Spring Street International School View Profile