Dr. DeMarco is a faculty member in the School of Environment and Sustainability at Western Colorado University where she teaches courses in the science of environmental management, climate change, and data management. Her research focuses on how climate change, land use change, and invasive species impact how carbon and nutrients are cycled in terrestrial ecosystems. She received her B.S. in Environmental Science at Northern Arizona University and her Ph.D in Ecosystem Ecology at the University of Florida. Following graduate school, she completed a postdoc at New Mexico State University and then was an adjunct professor at University of Florida before moving to Gunnison just a year ago to teach at Western. She has conducted research in a range of ecosystems including the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts and the arctic tundra. Last summer she journeyed to Siberia for the first time to begin research investigating recruitment of Larch trees following fire.

Cohort Years
Western Colorado University

Gunnison, CO
United States