Emily Dodson graduated with a BS from Georgetown College in environmental science with a minor in sociology. After graduation she completed a MS in secondary education at Georgetown College to certify her to teach grades 5 to 12 integrated science and biology. Upon graduation she traveled to Kyparissia, Greece and worked for Archelon, a sea-turtle conservation society, assisting with field research studying loggerhead sea turtle nesting.

Emily is now in her second year of teaching integrated science at Crawford Middle School. Her teaching style involves lots of hands-on activities that are inquiry-based. In addition, Emily is the head coach at Crawford for "Girls on the Run." This is an international program where female students work on positive body images and train and run a 5k. Finally, Emily has recently been selected to work on the Science Curriculum Design and Development team for Fayette County Public Schools. Emily's hobbies include backpacking, photography, and reading.

Crawford Middle School

Lexington, KY
United States

Why I Applied

I have always believed that relating content to the real world makes science more engaging. I feel that there is a common belief that many students share that you only need to pay attention in science if you want to go to college to become a doctor. By providing alternative real world examples we are opening doors students did not know existed. I have had prior experience being able to bring real world experience to the classroom through my field research with sea turtles in Greece, by backpacking over glaciers in Alaska, and by studying diverse ecosystems in Australia. I love traveling and I love learning, but I understand not all students have this option. Through this program I hope to be able to bring more real world science experiences to the classroom so that I can continue opening doors. I feel that having a teacher provide this is very powerful because we have a close bond with our students. Many students don’t expect a teacher to be able to teach their subject and have experienced their content. Students become more engaged about topics when they have real world examples and stories shared with them.