First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Susan Natali Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra, Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2012, Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra 2013, Winter Respiration in the Arctic Researcher University of Florida View Profile
Lauren Neitzke Adamo Sliding Glaciers Educator Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey View Profile
Frederick Nelson Long-Term Circumpolar Permafrost Monitoring Researcher University of Delaware View Profile
Misty Nikula Kuril Islands Biocomplexity, Kuril Islands Biocomplexity 08 Teacher Whatcom Day Academy View Profile
Frank Nitsche Antarctic Ice Stream Dynamics, Thwaites Offshore Research Researcher Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory View Profile
Jonas Noomah Investigating Ecosystem Carbon Response in Boreal Forests Researcher Woodwell Climate Research Center View Profile
Monica Nunez UTEP Arctic Change and Education Educator Santa Teresa High School View Profile
Martin Nweeia Education, Knowledge, and the Narwhal Researcher Narwal Tusk Research View Profile