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First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Rebecca Harris Arctic Glacial Lakes Teacher Escalante High School View Profile
Thomas Harten Seabird Ecology in the Bering Sea Teacher CHESPAX, Calvert County Public Schools View Profile
William Hedman Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska, Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska 2011 Researcher Bureau of Land Management View Profile
Nell Herrmann Seafloor Organisms and Changing Ocean Conditions in Antarctic Teacher Blue Hill Consolidated School View Profile
Joshua Heward Tough Tardigrades Teacher Timpanogos High School View Profile
Rebecca Hewitt Deep Roots Researcher Northern Arizona University View Profile
Rebecca Himschoot Teacher Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School View Profile
David Hofmann South Pole Ozone Changes Researcher NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory View Profile
Eileen Hofmann Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea Researcher Old Dominion University View Profile
Bob Hollister Tundra Plants in a Changing Climate Researcher Grand Valley State University View Profile
Max Holmes Researcher Woods Hole Research Center View Profile
Jack Holt Measuring East Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability Researcher University of Texas at Austin View Profile
Missy Holzer High Arctic Change 08 Teacher Chatham High School View Profile
Russell Hood Airborne Survey of Polar Ice 2014 Teacher East High School View Profile
Thomas Hooyer Drumlin Formation in Iceland Researcher University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee View Profile
Russell Hopcroft Chukchi Sea Borderland Researcher University of Alaska View Profile
Karl Horeis Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska Teacher Foothills Academy View Profile
Huw Horgan Antarctic Ice Sheet Studies Researcher Pennsylvania State University View Profile
Eva Hulse Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change 2010 Researcher Department of Anthropology, University at Buffalo - SUNY View Profile
Shelly Hynes Greenland Education Tour 2012 Einstein Fellow Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts View Profile
Katrin Iken Chukchi Sea Borderland Researcher University of Alaska Fairbanks View Profile
Stephen Ingalls Antarctic Ice Sheet Studies Researcher University of Kansas View Profile
Neal Iverson Glacial Movement and Seismicity, Drumlin Formation in Iceland, Sliding Glaciers Researcher Iowa State University View Profile
Patty Janes View Profile
Bethany Jenkins Southern Ocean Diatoms Researcher University of Rhode Island View Profile