Denise Hardoy has been a middle school science teacher at a small K-8 school in the rural central coast of California for the past sixteen years. Her journey to Antarctica began three years ago as she threw out textbooks and delved headfirst into project-based science. After training through Polar ICE and the Monterey Bay Aquarium SCI I PBS Institute, she implemented environmentally based science curriculum for her school. In 2018, she authored and was awarded a NOAA grant for her school to study the effects of the drought on the local watershed. Her professional goals include promoting environmental literacy for all, developing a love of science and fostering a stewardship mindset in her students. In her free time, Denise enjoys gardening and making soap and cheese from the milk provided by her small herd of dairy goats and sheep.

Cohort Years
San Antonio Elementary School

Lockwood, CA
United States