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First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Anne Jensen Nuvuk Archaeology Studies Researcher UIC Science, LLC View Profile
Bryan Johnson South Pole Ozone Changes Researcher NOAA Environmental System Research Lab View Profile
Dave Jones CO2 and pH Studies of the Arctic Ocean Teacher Big Sky High School View Profile
Ute Kaden Oden Antarctic Expedition 06 Teacher Hanna High School View Profile
Lynn Kaluzienski Ice Shelf Flow and Fracture Dynamics Researcher University of Maine View Profile
Maggie Kane Operation IceBridge Antarctica Teacher Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning View Profile
Craig Kasemodel Bering Ecosystem Change Teacher Central Middle School of Science View Profile
DJ Kast Microbial Changes in Arctic Freshwater 2016 STEM Programs Manager University of Southern California View Profile
Darrell Kauffman Alaska Climate Variation, Alaska Climate Variation 09 Researcher Northern Arizona University View Profile
Dustin Keeler Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change, Prehistoric Human Response to Climate Change 2010 Researcher State University of New York at Buffalo View Profile
Frank Kelley Nuvuk Archaeology Studies Teacher Chester-Andover Elementary School View Profile
Susan Kelly Researcher View Profile
Nell Kemp Predatory Spiders in the Arctic Food Web 2013, Deep Roots Teacher Lindblom Math & Science Academy View Profile
Justin Kendhammer Soil Ecology in Antarctic Dry Valleys Teacher Alpine Leadership Academy View Profile
Mahlon Kennicutt II Human Impacts in Antarctica, Human Impacts in Antarctica 2011 Researcher Texas A&M University View Profile
Alexander Kholodov Permafrost and Community Researcher University of Alaska Fairbanks View Profile
Stacy Kim Antarctic Seafloor Ecology, Antarctic Undersea ROV, Antarctic Undersea ROV 08, Antarctic Undersea ROV 09 Researcher Moss Landing Marine Laboratories View Profile
Steve Kirsche Dynamic Observations of the Microstructural Evolution of Firn Teacher Liberty Pines Academy View Profile
Alexander (Shasha) Kitaysky Migration and Carry-Over Effects in Arctic Seabirds Researcher University of Alaska Fairbanks View Profile
Andrew Klein Human Impacts in Antarctica, Human Impacts in Antarctica 2011, Human Impacts in Antarctica 2015 Researcher Texas A&M University View Profile
Anna Klene Long-Term Circumpolar Permafrost Monitoring Researcher University of Montana View Profile
George Kling Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions, Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions 2014, Carbon in the Arctic Researcher University of Michigan View Profile
Lindsay Knippenberg Microorganisms in Antarctic Glacier Ice Teacher South Lake High School View Profile
Shelley Knuth Antarctic Weather Stations Researcher University of Wisconsin View Profile
Christian Koeberl Geologic Climate Research in Siberia Researcher University of Vienna View Profile