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Media are welcome to use content or quotes from the PolarTREC website, including from teacher journals. Please give full credit to teachers and their research teams, the PolarTREC program, and the National Science Foundation as appropriate.

Media are welcome to use photos from teacher journals and photo galleries. We ask that you please credit each photo as follows: "Photo by 'X' (PolarTREC 2009), Courtesy of ARCUS".

Additional photos, graphics, videos and presentations from the polar regions can be found online through the ARCUS Internet Media Archive.

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Recent Media Coverage

PolarTREC is making news around the country! Click the articles below to check out recent news coverage. Visit us in the future to search all PolarTREC media coverage!

Article Date Publication
Summer break means Arctic adventure for St. Johns County Teacher 25 April 2017 St. Augustine Record
Outside the lab: NAU field researchers provide school teachers hands-on education 20 April 2017 NAU News
Detroit Jewish News: Teacher spends a month at the bottom of the world 6 April 2017 Detroit Jewish News
Stoney Creek teacher returns from polar research experience 8 March 2017 C&G Newspapers
Popular Mechanics: An Antarctic Research Station's Living Quarters Are Surprisingly Comfy 3 March 2017 Popular Mechanics
Summertime and the Livin' Is Icy … for PhD Student Eric Wagner 1 March 2017 Dartmouth Engineer Magazine
Dwyer to discuss Polar Gigantism in Antarctic Sea Spiders 7 February 2017 The Islands' Sounder
The Community Edge: Stoney Creek High School Teacher Does Polar Research in Antarctica 3 February 2017 The Community Edge
University of Michigan Honors Program: @MillerSouthPole: Honors Grad Explains Science from the South Pole 31 January 2017 University of Michigan LSA Honors College
WJLA - TV Arlington teacher gives students lesson from the South Pole 20 January 2017 WJLA - TV (Channel 7)
It takes guts for a sea spider to pump blood 11 January 2017 Science News
Antarctic Firsts for Women 1 January 2017 EARTH magazine
NewsCheck: Washington-Lee Teacher Gearing up for South Pole Expedition – Would you like a postcard? 15 December 2016 Arlington Public Schools: NewsCheck
Study with local teacher stationed in Antarctica 1 December 2016 The Journal of the San Juan Islands
Washington-Lee High School Website: UPDATE/ Science Teacher, Ms. Miller, Begins Research at South Pole 28 November 2016 Washington-Lee High School
Washington-Lee High School Website: Science Teacher, Ms. Miller, Travels to the South Pole for Research 28 November 2016 Washington-Lee High School Website
NASA Nears Finish Line of Annual Study of Changing Antarctic Ice 18 November 2016 NASA Website
SSIS teacher hears John Kerry’s climate control speech in Antarctica 16 November 2016 The Journal of the San Juan Islands
Local teacher explores Antarctic glaciers 11 November 2016 The Journal of the San Juan Islands
A Puerto Rican in the South Pole 1 November 2016 Online Book
Englewood Resident on Science Adventure 31 October 2016 Englewood Herald
Dispatch from a cold and distant land 18 October 2016 The Journal of the San Juan Islands
Arctic research brings science alive for youngsters 14 October 2016 USC News
LCHS Grad Honored for Work in Education 7 October 2016 Outlook Newspaper
Birmingham Eagle: "Groves alumna joins Antarctic Expedition" 5 October 2016 Birmingham Eagle