Dr. Rose Cory works in the Arctic where climate warming is thawing frozen soil which may release tremendous stores of dissolved organic carbon to the Earth's surface. After having been trapped for millennia in the frozen soils this new carbon then becomes part of the modern carbon cycle. Dr. Cory finds that exposure to sunlight accelerates the return of this dissolved organic carbon to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, which may further increase the rate of global warming. Because climate change is influencing our planet's evolution, understanding the fate of newly released carbon will help predict our future as a planet and society. Read more about Dr. Cory and her research here

Rose Cory Profile Name: Rose Cory
Occupation: Researcher
Organization: University of Michigan

Ann Arbour, MI
United States

Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions, Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions 2014, Carbon in the Arctic