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Name: Alex Eilers
Occupation: Teacher
Organization: Pink Palace Museum
Memphis, TN
United States


Growing up in Chillicothe, Illinois, Alice Eilers dreamed of becoming a teacher. Ms. Eilers began her schooling at the University of Mississippi, receiving her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education in 1990 and completing her graduate degree at the University of Memphis six years later. In 1995 her dreams of becoming a teacher became a reality and she began her teaching career at the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Ms. Eilers is currently the Manager of Education and has had the pleasure of teaching a variety of subjects including astronomy, natural and cultural history to area Pre-K through 8th grade students. Ms. Eilers has also been involved in number of national teacher professional development programs. In 2008, she was selected to participate in a research project studying Leatherback Sea Turtles through the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program. Ms. Eilers is in the MESSENGER Educator Fellowship Program and has also participated in the UMASS-STEM Polar Connections Program.


13 May 2016 A Visit to St. Patrick's School and Hokitika
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12 May 2016 A Visit to St. Francis of Assisi and some Pancake Rocks
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11 May 2016 A Visit to Catholic Cathedral College and the Art of Christchurch
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10 May 2016 A Visit to New Brighton Catholic School and Kaikoura
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9 May 2016 A Visit to St. Joseph's School and the Botanic Garden
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23 February 2016 Meet McMurdo - the final chapter
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22 February 2016 Weddell Seal's Lungs
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19 February 2016 Weddell Seal’s Fur & Molting
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18 February 2016 Weddell Seal's Blubber
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17 February 2016 Weddell Seal Teeth
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16 February 2016 Weddell Seal Sounds
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15 February 2016 Meet the Team part two
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12 February 2016 Weddell Seal Dives
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11 February 2016 Weddell Seal Pregnancy and Gestation
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10 February 2016 Weddell Seal’s Nose
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9 February 2016 Meet the Team part one – graduate students and teacher
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8 February 2016 Waste Water Management Facility
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5 February 2016 Weddell Seal's Blood
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4 February 2016 Weddell Seal Muscle
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3 February 2016 Weddell Seal’s Whiskers
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2 February 2016 Weddell Seal's Diet
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1 February 2016 McMurdo Station - Part Two
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29 January 2016 Weddell Seal's Family
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28 January 2016 Weddell Seal Eyes
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27 January 2016 Scouting for Seals
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