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First Name Last Name Expeditions Occupation Organization Profile
Bob Zook Antarctic Seafloor Ecology, Antarctic Undersea ROV 09 Researcher Moss Landing Marine Labs View Profile
Bob Hollister Tundra Plants in a Changing Climate Researcher Grand Valley State University View Profile
Brandon Strellis Atmospheric Conditions and Arctic Climate Researcher Georgia Institute of Technology View Profile
Brandon Gillette Antarctic Ice Sheet Studies, Flow Studies on an Antarctic Glacier Teacher University of Kansas and the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) View Profile
Brenda Hall Glacial History in Antarctica Researcher University of Maine View Profile
Bret Tobalske Polar Gigantism in Antarctica Researcher University of Montana View Profile
Brian DuBay Tectonic History of the Transantarctic Mountains, Tectonic History of the Transantarctic Mountains 2013 Teacher Grissom Middle School View Profile
Brian Edwards International Continental Shelf Survey Researcher U.S. Geological Survey View Profile
Brian Barnes Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies Researcher University of Alaska Fairbanks View Profile
Bridget Ward Weddell Seals: Growing Up on Ice Teacher Springfield Central High School View Profile
Bruce Vaughn Ice Core Drilling in West Antarctica Researcher INSTAAR - University of Colorado View Profile
Bruce Taterka Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions Teacher West Morris Mendham High School View Profile
Bruce Sidell Biology of Antarctic Fishes Researcher View Profile
Bryan Johnson South Pole Ozone Changes Researcher NOAA Environmental System Research Lab View Profile
Byron Adams Tough Tardigrades, Dry Valleys Ecosystem Study, Dry Valleys Ecosystem Study 2020 Researcher Brigham Young University View Profile
Byron Crump Microbial Changes in Arctic Freshwater, Carbon in the Arctic Researcher Oregon State University View Profile
Caleb Schiff Alaska Climate Variation, Alaska Climate Variation 09 Researcher Northern Arizona University View Profile
Cameo Slaybaugh Antarctic Undersea ROV 08 Teacher Suffolk SECEP School View Profile
Cara Pekarcik Southern Ocean Diatoms Teacher North Quincy High School View Profile
Carin Ashjian Winter Sampling, Oceanographic Conditions of Bowhead Whale Habitat, Oceanographic Conditions of Bowhead Whale Habitat 2014 Researcher Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution View Profile
Carl Leuschen Cresis Aerial Survey of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Researcher University of Kansas View Profile
Carl Green Human Impacts in Antarctica 2015 Researcher Texas A&M University View Profile
Carol Costanza Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations Researcher Antarctic Meteorological Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison View Profile
Carol Scott Arctic Wetland Dynamics in Finland Teacher Randy Smith Middle School View Profile
Casey O’Hara IceCube In-Ice Antarctic Telescope Teacher Carlmont High School View Profile