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Member First Name Last Name Expeditions Organization Occupation Profile
Jason Briner's picture
Jason Briner Shrinking Arctic Icecaps State University of New York at Buffalo Researcher View Profile
Regina Brinker's picture
Regina Brinker Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions 2014 Livermore Schools Teacher View Profile
Ellie Broadman's picture
Ellie Broadman Arctic Glacial Lakes Northern Arizona University Researcher View Profile
Deborah Bronk's picture
Deborah Bronk Nitrogen in the Arctic Ocean Ecosystem The College of William and Mary, Virginia Institute of Marine Science Professor View Profile
Michelle Brown's picture
Michelle Brown Human Impacts in Antarctica 2011, Space Weather Monitoring on the Antarctic Plateau, Human Impacts in Antarctica 2015 Teacher View Profile
Loren Buck's picture
Loren Buck Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies University of Alaska Anchorage Researcher View Profile
Kristen Buck's picture
Kristen Buck Southern Ocean Diatoms University of South Florida Researcher View Profile
Mark Buesing's picture
Mark Buesing Airborne Survey of Polar Ice 2013 Libertyville High School Teacher View Profile
David Burnett's picture
David Burnett Antarctic Seafloor Ecology Sandia National Labs Researcher View Profile
Jennifer Burns's picture
Jennifer Burns Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea, Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea 2014 University of Alaska Researcher View Profile
Kasper Busk's picture
Kasper Busk Greenland Education Tour 2012 Kangerlussuaq Science Field School Educator View Profile
Ian Buvit's picture
Ian Buvit Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska 2011, Early Human Settlement in Arctic Alaska 2012 Central Washington University Researcher View Profile
Anna Caldwell-Overdier's picture
Anna Caldwell-Overdier Joint Antarctic School Expedition 2014 Monona Grove High School Student View Profile
Seth Campbell's picture
Seth Campbell Reconstructing the Past Climate of Central Alaska University of Maine Researcher View Profile
Catherine Campbell's picture
Catherine Campbell Changing Tundra Landscapes Scarlett Middle School Teacher View Profile
Marti Canipe's picture
Marti Canipe Greenland Education Tour 10 National Science Foundation Teacher View Profile
Betty Carvellas's picture
Betty Carvellas Russian American Long term Census of the Arctic Teacher Advisory Council – The National Academies Teacher View Profile
Armando Caussade's picture
Armando Caussade Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory 2014 G Works Inc. for the Puerto Rico Department of Education Teacher View Profile
Dreux Chappell's picture
Dreux Chappell Southern Ocean Diatoms Old Dominion University Researcher View Profile
Joanna Chierici's picture
Joanna Chierici Jellyfish in the Bering Sea 2018 Melvin H. Kreps Middle School Educator View Profile
Jonathan Childs's picture
Jonathan Childs International Continental Shelf Survey U.S. Geological Survey Researcher View Profile
Yu-Ping Chin's picture
Yu-Ping Chin Dissolved Organic Matter in Antarctica Ohio State University Researcher View Profile
Tina Ciarametaro's picture
Tina Ciarametaro Shrinking Arctic Icecaps Ipswich Middle School Teacher View Profile
Glenn Clark's picture
Glenn Clark Totten Glacier System in East Antarctica Parishville-Hopkinton Central School Teacher View Profile
Craig Clements's picture
Craig Clements View Profile
Lucy Coleman's picture
Lucy Coleman Microbialites In Lake Joyce Antarctica Natomas Charter School Teacher View Profile
Howard Conway's picture
Howard Conway Glacial History in Antarctica University of Washington Researcher View Profile
Lee Cooper's picture
Lee Cooper Early Spring Plankton and Benthos, Ecosystem Study of the Chukchi Shoal University of Maryland Researcher View Profile
Rose Cory's picture
Rose Cory Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions, Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions 2014, Carbon in the Arctic University of Michigan Researcher View Profile
Daniel Costa's picture
Daniel Costa Weddell Seals in the Ross Sea University of California Santa Cruz Researcher View Profile
Carol Costanza's picture
Carol Costanza Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations Antarctic Meteorological Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Researcher View Profile
Lisa Crockett's picture
Lisa Crockett Biology of Antarctic Fishes, Biology of Antarctic Fishes 2013 Ohio University Researcher View Profile
Michele Cross's picture
Michele Cross Antarctic Undersea ROV 09 Corning East High School Teacher View Profile
Byron Crump's picture
Byron Crump Microbial Changes in Arctic Freshwater, Carbon in the Arctic Oregon State University Researcher View Profile
Rosanne DArrigo's picture
Rosanne D'Arrigo Forest Response to Arctic Environmental Change Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Researcher View Profile