What Are They Doing?

Lollie Garay journeyed across the world to participate in a unique co-operative endeavor between the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Along with researchers, teachers, and other personnel from Sweden, and the United States, Ms. Garay boarded the Swedish icebreaker Oden in Punta Arenas, Chile and traveled to McMurdo Base in Antarctica, finally returning home via Christchurch, New Zealand.

The scientific objectives of the cruise were to collect a range of data in rarely traveled areas of the Antarctic seas and coastline, including the Bellingshausen, Amundsen, and eastern Ross Seas. An international research team studied the oceanography and biogeochemistry of the region while in transit to Antarctica, with a particular emphasis on the processes that control the growth and fate of phytoplankton in the ocean. These studies added to our limited knowledge of these remote corners of the Antarctic Seas and allowed future researchers to expand their monitoring efforts in these regions.

Where Are They?

Ms. Garay boarded the Oden icebreaker in Punta Arenas, Chile, the southernmost city in South America and then traveled across the southern Pacific Ocean to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, the largest research station in Antarctica.

Latest Journals

PolarTREC teacher Lollie Garay is at it again! Instead of Antarctica, she's now in the Amazon and working with polar researcher, Patricia (Tish) Yager. Learn all about how the poles and the equator are connected in this exciting expedition here.
February 29, 2008 Cloud reflections in the Ross Sea *Clouds refelected off the Ross Sea * ** How do you begin to describe an experience that has taken you farther than you thought you were capable of going? The Oden Southern Ocean Expedition carried us 5000 miles from Punta Arenas, SA to…
*He (Columbus)enjoyed long stretches of pure delight such as only a seaman may know, and moments of high exultation that only a discoverer can experience. **Rear Admiral **Samuel Eliot Morison* Captain Mattias on the bridge catwalk. January 18, 2008 Location: Home LAT: 29˚75 N Long: 95˚ 37…
The day began way too early! We had a small window of time beginning at 7am for breakfast and souvenir shopping! Then a hike for a tour of Scott’s Hut at 8am or a tour of the Aquarium (how much can we cram into a couple of hours???). As I was sitting at breakfast with Kelly Faulkner from NSF up…
Icebreaker Oden
Project Funded Title
International Expedition to Antarctica aboard the Icebreaker Oden '07
Lollie Garay - Teacher
Redd School

Lollie Garay teaches Integrated Earth/Space Science at the Redd school in Houston, Texas. Her educational mission is to get students, teachers, and the general public excited about learning by modeling a "can-do" attitude!

In 2007 Mrs. Garay spent 7 weeks in the Antarctic Seas conducting oceanographic studies with Dr. Tish Yager and an international research team through PolarTREC. Since then, she and Dr. Yager have teamed up on a joint global oceans study that will translate Dr. Yager’s carbon sequestration research into classroom activities and educational outreach.

She feels that her previous PolarTREC experience transformed her way of thinking and has opened up a whole new world of experiences for her students! By immersing students in real-life research and project-based learning, Mrs. Garay strives to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related careers, especially among under-represented groups. When she isn’t working on multiple projects, she and her husband Rey enjoy traveling, reading, and sharing new adventures!

Tish Yager - Researcher
University of Georgia

Dr. Patricia (Tish) Yager is an associate professor in marine sciences at the University of Georgia. Her expertise includes biological and chemical oceanography, marine microbial ecology and biogeochemistry. Her research focuses on the feedbacks between climate change and marine ecosystems. Her field research combines microbial ecology and community structure with inorganic carbon chemistry. She has spent several seasons working in Antarctica, and also studies microbial communities in the Amazon River. For the project in Barrow, Alaska, Tish will be the lead-PI responsible for project oversight, coordination, and synthesis. To learn more about Dr. Yager, please visit her faculty biography page.

Walker Smith - Researcher
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Robert Sherrell - Researcher
Rutgers University

Oden Antarctic Expedition 07 Resources

Abstract Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines have become key focus areas in the education community of the United States. Newly adopted across the nation, Next Generation Science Standards require that educators embrace innovative approaches to teaching. Transforming classrooms to actively engage students through a combination of knowledge and practice develops conceptual understanding and application skills. The partnerships between

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High school and Up
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This activity allows students to participate in a physically interactive dramatization of the oceanic biological pump.


The purpose of this activity is to develop a conceptual understanding of how the biological pump moves carbon through the oceans.


Background Information: The Carbon cycle is a biochemical cycle that transfers carbon between short and long-lived reservoirs

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Middle School and Up
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This versatile activity was inspired by my own Antarctic voyage (Lollie Garay, Oden Expedition 07) and The Amazing Race. As my students followed the journey through the Antarctic Seas on a USGS map, I realized what a great opportunity this was for them to "see" where I was in a part of the world so foreign to us

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Listen to an interview with researcher Tish Yager conducted by PolarTREC teacher Lollie Garay by clicking on the audio file below.

Polar Profile

PolarTREC teacher Lollie Garay is taking part in an International scientific cruise aboard the Swedish icebreaker, Oden. About 120 students from 10 schools participated in the event. Due to some technical difficulties, there is no archive from the event. Audio and a PDF of the presentation slides is available.