*He (Columbus)enjoyed long stretches of pure delight such as only a seaman may know, and moments of high exultation that only a discoverer can experience. **Rear Admiral **Samuel Eliot Morison*

Capt. Mattias on the Bridge Catwalk

Captain Mattias on the bridge catwalk.

January 18, 2008

Location: Home

LAT: 29˚75 N

Long: 95˚ 37 W

Temp: 6˚ C

Wind chill: 1˚ C

I am home in Houston, having safely arrived this past weekend. As I traveled for long hours over the Pacific Ocean and the US, I reflected on the incredible experience that I was honored to be a part of. It will be some time before I can sort and organize all the images, moments, and stories I have yet to tell. But this journal entry is about THANKS. First and foremost, to my husband Rey and my family (my sister Rita, daughter Luz, and my son Joaquin) for their love and support throughout this voyage, and for always believing in *my *dreams. To all who encouraged me and followed my journey: my extended family, friends, colleagues, classrooms across the US, Alberta, Canada, and Kona Hawaii, and the community of Redd School. For the incredible staff at PolarTREC who made this possible, answered a billion questions, and helped me every step of the way! To Karl Newyear and all of the Raytheon and AGUNSA staff who made the trip so much easier for a first-timer! To Kelly F, Alex I and Scott B (NSF), and Allan and Ute (Oden 06) for their experienced suggestions. To the science team of this expedition who taught me so much through their passion for oceanography, and who made feel like a real contributor to this expedition.

To my newfound friends from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat who shared their culture and demonstrated true professional collaboration.

Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

(l-r)Cecilia, Ake,Expedition Leader Ingegerd, Krister, Axel

And to the crew of the Oden, who carried us all over miles of seemingly endless seas of spectacular sights and sounds. Over the course of the voyage I learned about navigation, mechanics, engineering, icebreaking, and living on a ship. But most importantly I learned about the people who spend months on a ship at a time. They are an adventurous kind, skilled at what they do, highly professional, serious in their work ethic, and always willing to help. They took time and pride in explaining their roles on the ship, and in answering questions. We became friends, and they always made me feel safe.

*The good seaman weathers the storm he cannot avoid, and avoids the storm he cannot weather. **Unknown*

You’ve seen some of them in past photos, but I wanted you to meet them!

These are the people of the Oden!

Captain Mattias

Captain Mattias

Chief Officer Ola and 2nd Officer Kenneth

(l-r) Chiel Officer Ola and 2nd Officer Kenneth


2nd Officer Thomas

Manfred, Bosun

Bosun Manfred

Holger, Able Seaman

Able Seaman Holger

l)Mattias, Oiler and (r) Alex, Able Seaman

(l-r) Oiler Mathias and Able Seaman Alex

Stefan, Able Seaman

Able Seaman Stefan

Dahn, Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer Dahn


1st Engineer Officer Per

Martin, 2nd Engineer Officer

2nd Engineer Officer Martin

Jorgen, 2nd Engineer Officer

2nd Engineer Officer Jorgen

Bertil, Fitter

Fitter Bertil

Oilers Per(l)and Jorn (r) photo by K. Kemp

(l-r) Oilers Per and Jorn

Maria, Chief Cook

Chief Cook Maria

Leif, Cook

Cook Lief

Camilla, Messman, photo by K. Kemp

Messman Camilla

During the voyage, the crew and science team also had family and friends following our expedition online. They would share comments with me about what they were saying. One day on a whim I wrote a note on the whiteboard asking them to list their home town or state to see who was "watching’ us. I was surprised by the list that formed in a couple of hours, and I have reproduced it here. So to all of you, a heartfelt thanks for being with us !

Stavenger, Norway; Sao Paolo, Brazil; Kalmar, Sweden; Nacka; Mortförs; Söffle; Glenwood Springs, Col; Oxford, UK; Uppsala, Sweden; Pertisan, Austria; Dresden, Germany; Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany; Cannes, France; Torphins, Scotland; Karlshamn, Sweden; Skövde, Sweden; New York city, NY; Chicago, Ill; Ohio; Maryland; Virginia; Brussels, Belgium; Athens, Greece; London, UK; Tullinge, Sweden; Milwaukee, WI; Kendal, PA; Minneapolis, MN; Dubai; Anchorage, AL; Tallahasse, FL; Athens, GA; Concordia(Mo), Italy; Tokyo,Japan; Cincinnati, OH; Falmouth, MA; Vallentuna, Sweden; Uddevalla, Sweden; Eskïlstuna, Sweden; Visby, Sweden; Hyssna, Sweden; Borås,Sweden; Färgelanda, Sweden; Pitea, Sweden; Sebring, FL; Rosensberg, Sweden; Saltsjöbaden, Sweden; Campos, RJ, Brazil; and Macaé, RJ, Brazil.

The Oden is still in Antarctica breaking ice. It is scheduled to finish around the first part of February. The crew onboard will fly home from there, and another will take it back home to Sweden, arriving in March.

Wherever it sails, I know that a small part of me will always be on its journey, remembering the beauty of the seas and the feeling of discovery.


  *Halo on the Ross Sea, January 4 2008*

*Sail forth-steer for the deep waters only…I with thee and thou with me. **Walt Whitman*



Look for a summary of the science work in my next postingJ