Paninnguaq Boassen
Paninnguaq is one of three JSEP students from the high school in Sisimiut.

My name is Paninnguaq Boassen and I attend school in Sisimiut.

I want to become a veterinarian, and preferably here in Greenland. So because of that I would like to know more about my country´s nature and progress. I´m curious and I want to know things to the very smallest thing. It would be exciting to meet scientists - and maybe future scientist – and see if it could be something I could become.

I love my country, and I want to help it through the big grim world. You don´t get the same feeling of the problems through TV and articles, as with your own eyes and body in the real nature. I want to go out and see the problems, so that I may be able to help my country.

Jonathan Hammond
Jonathan Hammond is a student at Sisimiut.

Hello! My name is Jonathan Kruse Hammond. I am 18 years old and I am currently studying second year in Sisimiut Junior College, which I plan to graduate high average degree in 2015. I was born in Umanak, and I have grown up in different towns in Greenland, depending on the work of my parents.

Since I was little, I have always wondered about the surrounding environment in both here and there, so I have always been curious about the nature, so I realized that I wanted to know the nature with clearer details. Since I was in seventh grade, I’ve always interested in aircrafts and therefore wanted to be a pilot, because I thought it would be awesome to see the world from above. However, I am also interested in scientific expeditions, especially about the solutions to global warming and cold environments such as Antarctica and the North Pole. And during the past one and half year at Sisimiut College, I have learned that I will always be curious to know nature in a scientific way, than piloting the aircrafts around the world. Therefore I seek some inspirations about science, and I thought going to Joint Science Education Project JSEP would be a big opportunity to the right course of my scientific interests, I also look forward to meet other fellow scientists around the world, if this was to be successful.

After I finish my graduation of College, I haven’t decided wherever to go, either have I plan to take Oxford Aviation Academy in Oxford in England if I were to take my course as a pilot, or I could go to the Science University of Aalborg in Denmark, in order to get my degree and thereafter plan to study biotechnology, biology and chemistry to see of what could be of a better use.

Arnatsiaq Qvist
Arnatsiaq Qvist also is a second-year student at Sisimiut.

My name is Arnatsiaq Qvist, and I love to travel. I lived in Venezuela and have been in other places around South America for five months. Right now I live in Sisimiut with my mom and I go to Tech College Greenland. I’m a 2nd year student and I study geology and resources. My favorite subjects are geography, math, English, physics and chemistry. I really want to become a geologist since I was little, because I grew up around nature and I always find nature really interesting, and how things in the nature connect with each other, and I think going to KSFS will help me more to understand how it is to do research in the nature, and also because I’m interested in to know what scientists do on the Greenland’s ice cap and why they do what they do, and what it means for Greenland.


Savannah Rain

Hello! My name is Savannah and I am 14 years old. I am part of National Honors Society and we are required to make a project by the end of the year on whatever topic we want. I chose Greenland because I love the country and it’s culture. My project idea is on teenage life in Greenland, so if it’s possible I would love to interview one of the students mentioned on this website. I just need to talk to someone who has lived as a teenager in Greenland and has attended a school there. Thank you!

Lynn Foshee Reed

Hi Savannah,I have contacts with a few of the Greenland students. If you could contact me at my school email address, I will see if I can arrange for one of them to answer your questions for your project.

Lynn Reed