What Are They Doing?

The tent city at Summit Station, Greenland
The tent city at Summit Station, Greenland
The expedition members visited several research sites in Greenland as part of an initiative to foster enhanced international scientific cooperation between the countries. The expedition members spent several days learning about the research conducted in Greenland, the logistics involved in supporting the research, and gained first-hand experience conducting experiments and developing inquiry-based educational activities.

This year's work builds on past expeditions and is supported by the National Science Foundation. The project was developed through cooperation with the U.S.-Denmark-Greenland Joint Committee, which was established in 2004 to broaden and deepen cooperation among the United States, the Kingdom of Denmark, and Greenland.

The program has two components
Kangerlussuaq Science Field School and Science Education Week

Where Are They?

The Big House at Summit Station, Greenland
The Big House at Summit Station, Greenland.
The group traveled to Kangerlussuaq on the west coast of Greenland and then to Summit Station at the peak of the Greenland Ice Sheet, atop 3,200 meters of ice. Summit Station is a year-round scientific research station funded by the National Science Foundation. The climate in Kangerlussuaq is arctic, with temperatures ranging from -25 to 18 degrees Celsius throughout the year and averaging between 5 and 18 degrees during July.

Latest Journals

Today was our last day at Summit Station. It was a very emotional day because it was probably going to be the last time we would ever be at Summit, at least for a very long time. We spent the morning packing and getting ready for the departure, which was scheduled at 10:25 am. In order to have…
After we had eaten breakfast, we got a presentation from Gifford Wong. He is a PhD at Dartmouth. Before he started the presentation he talked a little bit about his earlier adventure to Antarctica, and then he had a little fun thing to do with us. He showed us how we could make Antarctic out from…
This morning was actually slower than normal because there were Northern winds. When we got up, everyone was actually just hanging around the Big House just relaxing and having fun. When there are Northern winds, the majority of equipment in camp gets shut down because of the pollution would drift…
Today was the coldest morning we have had so far. It was also the Off Day for the staff at Summit. The staff works tirelessly six days a week, so today was their day off to relax and maybe visit the sauna. There was no morning meeting today, so we all ate breakfast an hour later than usual. After…
Kangerlussauq and Summit Station, Greenland
Project Funded Title
Kangerlussuaq Science Field School and the US Science Education Week

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