A Trip to the Museum

    On Tuesday, we took a trip to the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Although we could not see Denali from that point on campus, I managed to take my first-ever panorama picture of the horizon, with the Alaska Range looming in the distance.

    View from outside museum
    This is the view from outside the University of Alaska Museum of the North. On the far horizon, the shadows of the Alaska Range are barely visible.

    And I was very pleased to see several committed cyclists demonstrating that with good gear, we can brave winters much more severe than the ones in Chicago.

    Super tough bicycle gear
    This cyclist is ready for temperatures down to -20ºF!

    Hibernation: How to Deal with a Cold, Hungry Winter

    We learned a lot at the museum, but the coolest thing we learned about was the Arctic ground squirrel.

    A hibernating ground squirrel!
    The squirrel's body was cold to the touch! The researcher, Jeanette Moore, told us that when hibernating their body temperatures can drop below freezing!

    I got a chance to interview a really cool researcher named Jeanette Moore, who conducts studies in Arctic ground squirrels and told us a lot of really interesting and exciting stories from the field researching these fascinating little mammals.

    Let me know what you think!

    Weather Summary
    Bright, cold, but not that cold.
    Wind Speed
    0 mph


    Maggie Kane

    Your video is super professional! It helps me understand about hibernation. Thank you!

    Rebecca Himschoot

    Wonderful post about winter in Fairbanks! I look forward to seeing the interview when I get to a place with a bit more bandwidth. I'm sure I'll learn a lot!

    Bruce Taterka

    Great video Ivy! It sure is dark in Alaska this time of year, isn't it? Ready for 24 hours of daylight when you go back?