Maggie Kane

Maggie Kane is fascinated by snow and ice, studying climate science since 1985 when she ventured to Baffin Island to study the chronology of debris flow events. Graduating from Hampshire College with a degree in geology, and earning teaching credentials from Prescott College, Maggie started 15 years of teaching middle school Earth and space science. Maggie joined the TREC program studying climate change in Svalbard in 2006, and received her MS from Montana State University in 2010. Maggie chose to become an instructional coach and academic dean at high elevation Lake County High School in Leadville, CO where she works with teachers and students in the 7th and 8th grades developing strong instructional practices as a new Expeditionary Learning school. A NOAA Climate Steward and enthusiastic collaborator with polar scientists, Maggie has won numerous local and regional awards as well as placing 3rd in the national Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Science Classroom.

Cohort Years
Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning

Denver, CO
United States