As part of PolarTREC Educator Orientation we took a couple of field trips. One of these was to Chena Hot Springs where we got to tour their Ice Museum. Enjoy the video below!


Ruben Ibarra

Wish I could go there.

Orlando Gonzalez

I would want to visit that museum one day

samantha orta

wow thats so cool

Caleb Medellin

How big was the museum?


Looks like a very cool experience

Shantell Martinez

That place is so amazing

Shantell Martinez

That place is so amazing !!!


how cold was it in there

Michelle Martinez

That must have been so cool to experience all the cool ice sculptures!

Jorge Ramirez

That is pretty nice.

Keith Newman 69 420

Wow, those are some really cool sculptures I wonder how long it took to make the seahorse


keep up the grind

Cesar Cardenas

That looks like a cool vacation spot! I wonder how long it took them to get the entire museum ready for the public.

Paola Sedeno

Looks like fun!

Alexia Flores

Wow! I would love to visit that museum someday!


I know it's cold in that part of the world but is it cold enough to keep everything there frozen how it is in the video or is it kept frozen by something else (I know it probably isn't this but it's just an example) like liquid nitrogen.

Natalie Gomez

How long has it been since the museum first opened ?

Ethan Kypuros

Since there was hot springs does that mean the\at there was volcanos ??

Airamy Martinez

The ice museum looks really cool!

alondra rodriguez

i enjoyed seeing ice museum

Dariella Davila

How do they keep the statues stay in place and how did they make the igloo?

Jose Luis Martinez

Looks amazing wish i could go there when im older!


I want to go there one day.


I wonder how long it took to build.

Ximena Segura

How can The Flowers survive in the ice


Such a beautiful place to visit!


That looks like an extraordinary place to visit.

Alejandra Martinez

The museum has been open for years. They really only replace part of it at a time. The guide said they had recently replaced one of the horses head's. You could tell it was crystal clear and less frosty than the other parts of that sculpture.

Emily E

I wonder how long it would take to make all of those sculptures.

Annette Rodriguez

What was your favorite part of the field trip?

Dael Barragan

How long did it take to construct the entire museum?

Natalie Gomez

How were the ice sculptures made? They look extremely difficult to have gotten them to their desired shape. This place is definitely on my bucket list!!!!

Janell Velasquez

Looks like a very beautiful museum. Hope to visit Alaska one day to see the features of the museum

Janie Rodriguez

I wonder how long it took to build that building,also how to maintain the ice without melting.

Alejandro Martinez

WOW! Must be freezing in there!

Zuhailey Diaz

Besides the Ice museum, what other field trips did you go on that was part of Polar TREC?

Gael Villarreal

How long does it take to freeze a plant in the ice orb.

Christopher Garcia

How big was the museum?

Gisselle Lozano

What was the lowest temperature that the museum can get so the ice sculptures wont melt ?

alexis saldivar

it's beautyful

Monica Moran

Everything looks so cool!

sea bear enthusiast

must be very cold inside there

Abigail Ledesma

it looks so beautiful but i bet it was cold