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Fairing well in Fairbanks!

Boreal forest on the drive to UAFA view of the boreal forest from the van as we drove to UAF We arrived in Fairbanks late Saturday and began our first day of PolarTREC training Sunday morning. We are officially PolarTREC educators and the 2019 cohort is full of eager, dedicated, and inspiring teachers! I've already learned a lot, and not just from PolarTREC administration, but from these educators. Hanging out with them over the last 24 hours has galvanized me.

Getting ready to work at UAFThe sign on our way to the elevator

Before leaving Texas, I was immensely nervous about the challenge that awaited me. Texas weather is nothing like Fairbanks, let alone the arctic environment of Barrow and Toolik, where I will join Dr. Steven Oberbauer and Dr. Jeremy May for field work in June. In addition to that, us educators have an important job ahead of us. We will be field assistants and we will be sharing important research with not only our schools and local community, but the world. My mind has definitely been put at ease, though, after hearing about past educators experiences, and getting to meet this new cohort of teachers that will also be joining field researchers in the Arctic and Antarctic. I feel so lucky to be a part of this team.

We have arrivedUnloading the van at UAF and walking into the building on our way to IARC

Throughout the last couple of days we have gone over what is expected of us and what we can expect out in the field. We've started to strategize and plan our work flow. The support of the PolarTREC staff and the enthusiasm and ideas that have been flowing from our cohort is infectious. I can't wait to get started!


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Mark Goldner's picture

Mark Goldner said:

Ale, it's been great getting to know you this week. I can't wait to follow you and SloMo on your Arctic adventure!
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

It's been so great meeting you, Mark! We need to keep in touch!
Ruben Ibarra's picture

Ruben Ibarra said:

I would be nervous too.
Abraham Riza's picture

Abraham Riza said:

i would be nervous too;)
Samantha orta's picture

Samantha orta said:

that looks like a fun trip
Keith Newman 69 420's picture

Keith Newman 69 420 said:

I would be nervous too xd xd xd xd
MIah's picture

MIah said:

How tall are the trees?
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

They are pretty tall! Taller than what we have in Eagle Pass!
Jose Luis Martinez 5's picture

Jose Luis Martinez 5 said:

I'm excited to hear about you adventure to the arctic!
Ivan Gomez's picture

Ivan Gomez said:

I hope that the people there will do research and help stop it from melting.
ulises 's picture

ulises said:

looks lake an adventures trip
ttvstreamerbty's picture

ttvstreamerbty said:

keep up the sweat and grind
alondra's picture

alondra said:

were you nervous at first?
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

I was! But everyone was so nice and I'm really excited now. :)
Alexia Flores's picture

Alexia Flores said:

I hope the scientists can stop the arctic from melting so we can save the polar bears!
Dael Barragan 's picture

Dael Barragan said:

What a cool thing to do flying out to the arctic.
Janie Rodriguez's picture

Janie Rodriguez said:

Must have been an awesome experience!
Robert Lara's picture

Robert Lara said:

I hope they can try to make it stop melting.
sea bear kid 's picture

sea bear kid said:

that's a very big building
Natalie Luna's picture

Natalie Luna said:

It looks really nice and pretty.
Ashlee Estrada's picture

Ashlee Estrada said:

Did you get to see any arctic animals, or animals that you thought were unusual to see in that kind of temperature? except for SloMo of course!
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

We saw a moose, but it was really late at night and dark. We also saw reindeer, but those are domesticated.
Guest's picture

Guest said:

good information about your first day in alaska and on how you felt before you left
DENALI GOMEZ's picture


Very interesting !!!!!
Amanda Justo's picture

Amanda Justo said:

I wish i could go there.
Jesse's picture

Jesse said:

looks fun!
Sergio.'s picture

Sergio. said:

I wonder how life is in the cold Arctic!
Bianka's picture

Bianka said:

Wow,the FairBanks sunrise looks amazing !!!!!!
Orlando Gonzalez's picture

Orlando Gonzalez said:

how many places did you go to?
Anissa Cardona's picture

Anissa Cardona said:

How long did it take to get there?
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

The flight plus time at the airport was over 12 hours!
Jasmin Gonzalez's picture

Jasmin Gonzalez said:

Was it a cool experience?
nadia huerta 's picture

nadia huerta said:

i would be nervous too, especially because its a totally different climate and were from Texas ,were not used to the cold.
Nataly Navarro's picture

Nataly Navarro said:

Wow! What a fun experience it must be!
Carlos Longoria's picture

Carlos Longoria said:

Good luck ma'am, let's all try to learn as much as we can about this wonderful world of ours to be able to preserve it for generations to come.
Arianna Huerta 's picture

Arianna Huerta said:

This all looks so amazing!
Larissa Sanchez's picture

Larissa Sanchez said:

The sunrise looks so pretty!
Dariella Davila's picture

Dariella Davila said:

You are very lucky to be learning about the arctic's environment with Dr. Steve Oberbauer and Dr.Jeremy May.I would like to be able to get a chance to go to Alaska.
Roy Garza's picture

Roy Garza said:

How long did it take to get there?
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

The flight time plus time at the airport was over 12 hours!
Marelly's picture

Marelly said:

How nervous were you?
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

I was nervous at first, but the people were so nice and now I am excited!
ericka's picture

ericka said:

Was the climate colder or different than you expected it to be?
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

It was cold, but not as cold during the day as I expected. I was shocked by how cold it was at night!
Andrea Tamez's picture

Andrea Tamez said:

This must've been a very cool and fun experience for you and Slomo!
Valentina Guardiola 's picture

Valentina Guardiola said:

I hope the scientists find a solution to the melting glaciers , it would really damage the population of many animals!
Airamy Martinez 's picture

Airamy Martinez said:

What's the average temperature in Fairbanks?
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

It was in the 60s during the day, but on one of the days it got down to 13!
Earl's picture

Earl said:

Did you see any wildlife in alaska.
Alejandra Martinez's picture

Alejandra Martinez replied:

We saw a moose! But it was very dark at the time.