13 June 2018 Bears, Berries, and OTCs

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what is the purpose of the OTCs?

What is the purpose of using the OTCs? What is the research question you are pursuing?

Re: michelle commented on 13 June 2018 Bears, Berries, and OTCs

The OTCs are actually a part of another research project called the
ecotypes project. They are testing to see if tussocks from other parts
of the north slope can survive when located to a different part. There
are sites in Sagwon, Toolik, Coldfoot, and Eagle Creek. The OTC are mini
greenhouses that warm the immediate area to test if the tussocks do
survive, is it due to temperature.

On 6/14/18 7:17 AM, PolarTREC wrote:

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Hi, Melissa,

I'm enjoying your posts about field work. I was at Toolik four years ago with PolarTREC, working with Rose Cory. I loved looking at the flowers. Hearing about the tundra's flowers and trees surprises people the most when I talk about the Arctic. Many often think of the Arctic as a white, barren land.
Enjoy your experience!



Re: Regina commented on 13 June 2018 Bears, Berries, and OTCs

Actually met Rose briefly yesterday after breakfast. She was leaving,
but noticed I had on a PolarTREC hat and we talked a bit!

On 6/14/18 9:05 AM, PolarTREC wrote:

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Location: Toolik Field Rsearch Station
Latitude: 68° 37' 59.999" N
Longitude: 149° 37' 59.999" W
Weather Summary: Partly cloudy, snow on ground
Temperature: 36
Wind Chill: 36
Wind Speed: 5

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