The Migration South Begins

    We made the drive down the Dalton yesterday back to Fairbanks. Byron left Sarah behind at Toolik to collect the remaining samples for the season. When all is said and done she will collect around 400 (we collected just over 1/4 of that to the point when I left, so she has a bit of work yet to do!).

    Dining hall sendoff
    The great send-off from the dining hall as we drove away.

    We had a great send-off from the dining hall. It was a fogged in and drizzle-filled morning, and that weather held for much of the 9 hour drive. Upon arriving in Fairbanks we had a send-off dinner with the PIs and said farewell.

    I am now waiting around Fairbanks for my husband to arrive for the next leg of our adventure. I will share some of the sights and things I learn along the way, as well as reflect more upon my time at Toolik- an experience that is surely not going to leave me anytime soon! I hope you all have a safe and joyous 4th of July!

    Species Journal

    There were no critters spotted on our drive down the haul road. I have a few more species journals yet to post, I will wait and see if I see any along my next leg of travels and then I will be sure to post all of them!

    Ermine species journal
    Species journal by Emily Sutherland

    Weather Summary
    Rainy, foggy, gray


    Becky Bopp

    Where do I begin, Lauren? Thank you taking us on this "wonder-filled" journey. I have appreciated your comprehensive reporting from the trip preparations to the helicopter ride to the explanation of your lab work. Providing descriptions of the terrain on your hikes and the daily life routines made it interesting reading, too. ( I am still pondering the challenge of a two minute shower!) I can only imagine the profound influence you have on your students. As a retired teacher you represent hope and inspiration to me. I have the highest regard for folks that understand that the tiniest forms of life are worthy of reverence and hold the the same value as the largest forms the life. Enjoy the continued Alaskan adventure with your husband. Just count me as one of your many fans in St. Louis.