Ms. Watel has been teaching at St. Mary's Academy in Englewood, CO since 2009. During that time she has taught biology and environmental science to grades 9-12. She also serves as the faculty advisor of the Environmental Club and a 10th grade advisor. St. Mary's Academy is a JK-12 school, and Lauren teaches in the high school division which has an all-female student body. Lauren received a BA from Colorado College in biology in 2007 and a MEd in curriculum and instruction from the University of Washington in 2009. She also completed a graduate resident teaching program culminating in a certificate from IslandWood in environment, education and community in 2008. Lauren enjoys spending her free time traveling, biking, hiking, and skiing with her husband Ethan and dog Ralph.

St. Mary's Academy High School

Englewood, CO
United States

Why I Applied

Since middle school I developed a fascination with travel and science and I have desired to travel to the Polar Regions to participate in research. I even remember meeting someone who worked with penguins in Antarctica and discussing what his research was about and imagining someday being his field assistant. I also participated in two Earthwatch expeditions to help assist researchers in the field - one to St. Croix, USVI in 2002 with nesting leatherback sea turtles and the other to Great Exuma, Bahamas in 2005 to examine coral reef ecology. I have also had some of my own field experiences throughout college and while studying abroad in Costa Rica. I find these experiences fascinating, and feel that these make for some of the most valuable stories to engage my students. I would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to introduce both myself and my students to an ecosystem most are unfamiliar with, and be able to discuss, with tangible examples, some of the important research and findings occurring in these dynamic regions. It would also be wonderful to engage myself and students with experts in their field; you gain so much more when someone is excited to share their life pursuits.