4 February 2015 Final remarks and acknowledgments

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Ruben Miranda
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Good to have you back

It was a great experience participating through your journals, and especially having you back. There's a high sense of accomplishment and pride at the Puerto Rico Astronomical Society, as well as with all your academic connections, friends and relatives here on the island and abroad. Indeed you accomplished a major milestone. Thanks for being a part of us all.

Re: Good to have you back

My South Pole Journey was the experience of a lifetime. But I am delighted to be back since I can now share my experience with you all, at the Puerto Rico Astronomy Society (PRAS) and elsewhere. As stated in the post, PRAS has been a key player throughout the whole process, and my success can be partly attributed to the valuable help and support provided by PRAS. So, I would not hesitate to say that you are all, also, part of this accomplishment. Thanks, Rubén!

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A pleasure to work with you at Pole

Thanks much! Are you enjoying being in a warmer place? Anyway, it was great to work with you at South Pole and your help with IceCube and ARA work is much appreciated. All the best!

A pleasure to work with you at Pole

Thanks, Mike! Good to have you here.

My work at the South Pole was really enjoyable, and you together with each and every member of the team were key elements in my success. I am now sharing my experience with the press and through public talks, and in the last week alone thousands of people have learned about the IceCube experiment, about neutrinos and about life and work at the South Pole.

Yes, the warmer weather here is really enjoyable, but sometimes it is good to have a change and the Antarctica weather experience was very interesting. The mild tropical winter is already coming to an end, and the thermometer has been reaching 32 °C (90 °F) in the last few days.

Thanks for your note here, Mike, and we will be in contact.

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