26 January 2015 Arrival in Puerto Rico and return to the classroom

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Ruben Miranda
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Welcome Back

Welcome back Armando. Good to know you're appreciated by others as much as we do at the Puerto Rico Astronomical Society. I know you will be missed at the IceCube. See you tomorrow at Greg's birthday. All the best.

Re: Welcome Back

Yes, to have a party like that was a nice surprise. I was terribly tired after flying for like 48 hours, but anyway decided to report to the school that same day as I could not let my kids down. And I now miss IceCube, and I know that they miss me. Thanks for your note, and will definitely see you tomorrow!

Welcome home!

Armando, What an experience. We are so glad that PolarTREC could support this experience for you, and for your community. Yay!

Re: Welcome home!

Indeed, it has been the experience of my life. I owe it all to you, Janet and Jim Madsen., and my heartfelt gratitude goes to each of you. And, as you say, this experience will greatly benefit my community. I am already seeing the fruits as I watch my own students picking up an interest in high-energy astronomy and polar exploration. I sincerely hope a number of them will eventually go on and do even better things than what I did. So, it was absolutely worth it.

Aliris Sánchez ...
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Welcome and Question

I'm a third grade teacher in San Juan and I would love to have you in my classroom. My school is a "Escuela verde" and it would be awesome if you can share your experience with us. Please contact me: aliriss@hotmail.com

Re: Welcome and Question

Thanks, Aliris! I would be delighted to share my South Pole experience with you and your students, at no cost, at the venue and date of your choice. Due to the volume of requests my preferred point of contact for events within the island is the Puerto Rico Astronomy Society (PRAS). Please direct your request by e-mail at astronomiapr@gmail.com. You may also call at (787) 531-7277 but e-mail is preferred. PRAS enjoys my full confidence, so rest assured that your request will be promptly and courteously dealt with.

Reinaldo Acevedo
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Saludos Profesor! Quiero felicitarle por su travesía hasta el Polo Sur, y compartir su conocimiento con nuestros niños, jóvenes y adultos. Realmente creo que debe ser impresionante visitar y estar en un lugar tan especial.

Re: Felicitaciones

Garcias, Reinaldo. Sí, el viaje ha sido una experiencia fabulosa, y más aún lo es ahora que estamos compartiendo la experiencia con todos. Gracias por el apoyo y los buenos deseos, y quedamos siempre a la disposición.

Marilya Rodrígu...
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charlas de Caussade

Donde van a dar charlas en Puerto Rico. Me interesa oirlas

Re: charlas de Caussade

¡Gracias, Marilya! Para charlas públicas en Puerto Rico debe consultar la prensa. También estoy disponible para ofrecer charlas particulares, libre de costo, en cualquier lugar de la isla. Para solicitar una charla particular (y debido al considerable número de peticiones que se están recibiendo) hemos designado a la Sociedad de Astronomía de Puerto Rico (SAPR) como punto de contacto primario. Dirija su solicitud por correo electrónico a la dirección siguiente: astronomiapr@gmail.com. Puede también comunicarse por teléfono al (787) 531-7277, aunque es preferible que remita su solicitud por correo electrónico. Puede tener la seguridad que su solicitud se atenderá rápida y cortésmente, pues la SAPR goza de mi entera confianza.

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