It has been a quick three weeks and now it is time to get ready to leave here.  The Hercules LC130 will be here tomorrow to pick up the science cargo, personal gear and those who are leaving camp.  Others will be coming to take our place.


    packing up the drill
    packing up the drill

    Today was a packing up and moving day.  At the core drilling and processing site there was the need to bring back equipment and cores, take down the temporary wind breaks, clean out the tents, and dig out the tents from accumulated drifted snow. Then another group came out to help move the three tents for the next group that is going to be working in a nearby study site.


    getting core box out of snow pit
    one last core box

    It was great to be back at the site and there were notable differences, especially the drifted snow that formed big ridges.


    pick up and move the tents
    moving tent to new location

    Our group will be in Kangerlussuag for the next few days, hiking around the area.  I hope to get to the edge of one of the nearby glaciers.

    Jo Dodds