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Today's student commentary

Submitted by Jeannie Wilkening (USA)

Jeannie WilkeningJeannie Wilkening, author of today's commentary (Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011)

Today started out as a pretty slow morning. While some of us got up in time to go to breakfast, others took advantage of the open schedule and slept in for a while. Later in the morning, we got together for our team meeting. We reviewed all the science and scientists we had seen at Summit. It was a great refresher since we saw so much even in the short time we were there. It is amazing how much goes on at Summit and how much logistical work goes into making that all possible. This review was also really helpful as we began working on our presentations this afternoon. We went to lunch and were supposed to go tour around one of the Air National Guard planes after lunch, but as is so common around here, things came up and plans changed. Hopefully we will get the chance to go tour around before the end of the trip. This change in plans left most of the afternoon open for working on our presentations. For dinner we went to the Thai place once again.

Ole and Kurt hard at work on their presentationOle and Kurt hard at work on their presentation (photo by Laura Lukes, 2011)

Sylvia works on her presentationSylvia works on her presentation (Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011)

Rebecca uses the time to face the aftermath of scientific research: cleaningRebecca uses the time to face the aftermath of scientific research: cleaning sample containers (Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011)

After dinner, we came back and Jakob gave a presentation on life in Greenland. We learned more about hunting, snowmobiling, dog sledding, hiking, kayaking, and cross-country skiing. He had some great pictures and videos to show us and it was all really interesting. Life here is definitely a lot different than what I’m used to in Arizona. Once he finished, Sylvia and Ole showed us some pictures from where they live. It was interesting to see how different parts of Greenland look. Sylvia also showed us some parts of an old movie about Greenland. It was really interesting and had the most epic kayak chase I’ve ever seen. Even though it was a pretty mellow day, it was nice to have some time to relax and we are all very excited for our trip to NEEM tomorrow.

Jakob presents about activitiesJakob presents about activities (Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011)

Today's teacher commentary

Submitted by Rikke Jorgensen (Greenland)

Rikke JorgensenRikke Jorgensen, author of today's commentary (Photo by Laura Lukes, 2011)

So the day can be summed up in three words: sleeping, eating and computering.

Most of us slept in till 10.30, and after a short update from Laura and Robbie we went over to get some lunch. The rest of the day has been dedicated to the making of student presentations and lesson plans for the teachers. The first draft was due in the evening, so all of the student worked hard to get all their photos and notes into a presentation. At 5.30 it was time for dinner, and after that we went back to work on our different presentations. Jakob gave an introduction to what we do in our spare time in Greenland. He showed us a lot of pictures and some short videos. For me it was fun to see what they do in another part of the country.

It has been a quiet day, but it seem that everybody has gotten a lot done. Personally I look forward to seeing some of the presentations.

Agenda Highlights

1) Recap of Summit science

2) Making presentations and reflections

3) Jakob, Ole, and Sylvia share photos and videos of life in Greenland

4) Preparing for early NEEM flight tomorrow morning


umiaq (Greenlandic) - women's boat

sumut naasava? (Greenlandic) - where does it end?