Hello Trekkers, I am home safe and sound. My beard is a lot longer. Just the fact that I have a beard is kind of funny. At least now it is freshly showered!!! I began by travels home on Tuesday the 12th from Byrd Surface Camp. I flew on a LC-130 cargo plane to McMurdo Station. After dashing around McMurdo for 36 hours turning in gear, picking up supplies, conducting a live event with you, I boarded another cargo plane for New Zealand. I got to a hotel in Christchurch after midnight making it early Thursday morning. I slept for about 4 hours before it was time to go to the airport to catch a plane to Los Angles, California. Another two flights later I was met at the Kansas City airport by my family and some friends. Remember I passed the International Date Line so I had a Thursday that was 48 hours long. This morning I woke up at noon! I think that even though I have only been awake for 5 hours I think I need another nap.
    I have several more journals I plan to share with you, so I hope you'll continue to watch for them. Watch next week for several more posts beginning on Monday!!! I know many of you have also posted questions on ask the team. Only today have I had access to the internet and these questions, but I will be answering them all. Keep trekking with me!!! We have a journey that has only just begun. So glad you've been on this journey with me. Mr. W

    Addie, the Penguin Who Dreamed of Flying
    A Story of Dreaming Big