Hi Trekkers,Hello from Byrd Surface Camp on the continent of Antarctica

    Flat Stanley Goes to Byrd Camp
    Byrd camp location elevation 5230 feet lat. S 80.03 long. W 119.61

    Can you find Antarctica on a globe or on a map?

    I am traveling with my friend, Gary Wesche. He is a Polartrec teacher

    Hello from Byrd
    Flat Stanley with Gary Wesche in Antarctica

    Have you been reading his journals? They have great pictures.

    Byrd Camp is located on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

    Byrd Camp
    Flat Stanley overlooks Byrd Surface Camp

    Antarctica has recorded the coldest temperatures on planet Earth.

    West Antarctic Ice Sheet
    All you see in every directions is snow

    Thanks to Mrs. Grantham's second grade class at St. Regis School in Kansas City I have a big red coat to keep me warm.

    He is from the country of New Zealand and he is the camp mechanic. He can fix anything.

    Good thing too because there are many big machines here in our camp

    The Challenger
    The Challenger is the biggest machine at Byrd Camp

    Do you see me in this picture? Look really carefully.

    I wasn't being safe around the equipment. Good thing I'm already flat.

    Be Careful
    There are advantages to being flat.

    Everyone has to be watching out for danger around big machines.

    Driving the Big Machines
    Flat Stanley gets a chance to check out the equipment.

    This machine is used to push show drifts and to help load airplanes with cargo.

    The bulldozer
    This is Flat Stanleys favorite machine because it pushes lots of snow drifts.

    This week I went for a ride on a Ski Doo which is a snowmobile.

    Safety First
    you have to wear a helmet, just like when you ride your bike at home.

    The Ski Doo
    Wow, Flat Stanley gets to ride a snow mobile

    You have to wear a helmet but there were not any my size.

    Too Big
    Regular helmets are too big so I got my own.

    My friend, Logan, helped me with a helmet of my very own.

    Ready to Ride
    Logan and Flat Stanley in their helmets get ready to ride

    This is my science team.

    My Crazy Team
    Flat Stanley proudly shows off his picture of his CResis Team.

    They were having fun in this picture. Can you pick out the person on the team who was the smart one for wearing the correct clothes for Antarctica? His name is Chad.

    My team works with radars that can collect information about the ice sheets.

    Flat Stanley helps get the radar ready for the plane

    They put the radars on an airplane and fly over the ice sheet to gather this data

    Our Plane
    The CReSIS plane flies over the ice sheet collecting data using the radar

    After the flight part of the team uses large computer processors from Polar Grid to save the data in ways the team can then look at it.

    Polar Grid
    Flat Stanley helps the Polar Grid team save all the data in a safe place

    Polar Grid Server
    The computer server saves and processes all the data

    The team uses graphs to understand their data.

    The Data
    Wow, this is what the scientist will use to understand how the ice sheet changes over time.

    This data will go to scientists all over the world to understand more about ice sheets.

    There are about 50 people here at camp and my friend, Robert, is one of the cooks that feed us all

    My friend Robert has great recipes!!

    My friend, Chad, and I really like the food here.

    Supper Time
    Flat Stanley get help with his plate from friend Chad Brown.

    I like the chocolate chip cookies the best!

    Flat Stanley, did you eat all those cookies?

    I was here at Christmas time, and since there are no plants or trees here on the ice sheet we built our own Christmas Tree out of metal scrapes.

    Merry Christmas
    Our creative Christmas tree made from recycled trash.

    We even had a gift exchange and Santa left us his hat.

    HO HO HO
    We will have to mail Santa his hat.

    In the evenings we often play games like cribbage which helps me practice my adding.

    Game Time
    All my friends like to play cards and scrabble

    I really enjoy hanging out with my new friends the flat penguins.

    Flat Stanley visits his new friends the flat penguins

    They say they may come visit me when I get back to Kansas City. I like new friends.

    I hope you enjoyed your tour of Bryd Camp

    Thanks for visiting me at Byrd Surface Camp

    Love, Flat Stanley,

    PS My friend, St. Regis Eagle, says hi too.

    St. Regis Eagle
    My Travel Friend, St. Regis Eagle from Kansas City, Missouri.