Live event with Gary Wesche and the CReSIS team about aerial survey work at Byrd Camp, Antarctica. Event was a repeat event from 7 January.

Live event with PolarTREC teacher Gary Wesche and members of the CReSIS Team from Byrd Camp, Antarctica. Presentation about the science being conducted from the camp and introduction to POLENET.

Live from IPY event with PT Gary Wesche and members of the CReSIS team. The team called in from Byrd Camp on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to talk about their aerial surveys as well as what it's like to be in Antarctica.

Gary Wesche, a PolarTREC teacher and board president of the Blue River Watershed Association, operated a community cleanup along with more than 30 of his students at St. John Francis Regis School. The head of the EPA was also on hand for the event.

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