Today we disembarked the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer. We cleaned up our cabins and turned in our equipment and gear. I was a little sad to leave the ship that has been my home and work for the past 6 weeks. This has been an incredible experience with incredible people. We'll be stopping by one last time tomorrow to unload the last of the water samples and then that will be it. We'll be heading back to our respective institutions across the world: LA, New York, Argentina, France, Portugal, Japan and Australia. The crew and science support team will be taking the NBP back to Chile where it will undergo routine maintenance and then head out on its next science expedition.

    Leaving NBP
    Saying goodbye to the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer after 6 weeks aboard.


    I had an incredible experience, learned an extraordinary amount and met amazing people; we worked hard and collected a lot of data. We also made time for fun. Here are a few "outtakes" from NBP1503!

    Sometimes selfies just don't work… like on a snowy day in Antarctica.

    The snow and ice made for a whiteout selfie.

    We found the elusive rainbow whale at the bottom of the ocean!

    Rainbow Whale
    We somehow managed to map the ocean floor in the shape of a whale in one area.

    Looking for penguins…

    Looking for penguins
    Looking for penguins

    This selfie stick thing is getting out of hand.

    Photo coming soon.

    This ship is designed for tall people.

    Too Short
    My view in the bathroom mirror.

    Science-ing real hard.

    Watching Muppets
    Halfway through the trip, on the ship's closed circuit science TV we managed to find a single station that didn’t have science or ship information on it… it played The Muppets.

    Costumes make ping pong more fun.

    Ping Pong Costumes
    George and Raul in costume for the ping pong tournament!

    What do you do when you're waiting for data to process?

    Fold paper
    What do you do while you're waiting for data to process and save when there's no internet or TV? Fold paper and learn to tie knots in rope.

    The O.G.s (Oceanographers and Geologists!) of science

    Having Fun
    Dr. Williams, Dr. Nitsche, Dr. Porter and Dr. Fraser.