Dominique Richardson received her Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution from UCLA and her Master of Science in Environmental Science from CSULA. While she has always had a strong interest in science and research, in 2005 Dominique began working as a teaching assistant and has been engrossed in science education ever since. Dominique’s love of hands-on, inquiry based learning has lead her from her beginnings in formal science teaching to working as an informal science educator. Dominique currently works at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium where she mentors students on how to develop and execute their own original, independent research projects and teaches both students and the public about the ocean, marine life and marine conservation. When she’s not teaching or caring for animals at work, Dominique loves to travel, take lots of photos and spend time outdoors with her husband and dog.

Cohort Years
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Los Angeles, CA
United States

Why I Applied

PolarTREC is the perfect opportunity to help me to develop as a science educator, encouraging hands on science and independent research in students and the public. Working with a researcher will provide me with experience and a perspective that will allow me to better help, guide and encourage my students to engage in their own research. I hope this new experience in the Arctic or Antarctic provide me engaging stories to inspire students and the public about an often forgotten part of the world and develop my knowledge of the area to help me foster in them a sense of responsibility and wonder about the polar regions.