Since we got back a little early, we’ll get to disembark a little early
too. Tomorrow we finish unloading all of the water samples from the
CTDs, then we should be leaving the ship in two days! It feels like it’s
all gone by so fast.
A few of us were able to sneak away from work and get off the ship for
a few hours today. It felt really nice to stand on solid ground and see
green things. We had to take our shoes off and walk in the grass for

Dominique enjoying sunshine and green grass after 5 weeks in Antarctica.

One Last Contest!

As we wrap up our research, what was your favorite thing you learned
during our expedition?

Assorted NBP1503 photos
Assorted topics we learned about during the NBP1503 research cruise.

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Diana Rankin

My favorite was learning there are so many kinds of whales in Antarctica!

Tom Richardson

I liked all the experiments you gave us to try. The one on how glaciers are formed was the best journal and experiment. Nothing like hands on science. Yum.

Roger peters

my favorite thing was learning about blood falls. I never knew these kinds of things existed in the AntarcticAnd I think your research is very interesting and well documented.

Jeffrey Peters

I liked learning about polynyas. I never knew anything like them existed!

Annie Maben

I loved ALL the entries - you did such an awesome job, Dominique, but the thing that blew me away was preserving snowflakes. I had no idea that you could do this so "simply." You effort was hilarious and I can't wait to see the results up close. Well done!


I've enjoyed reading all of your entries, they were very well written and informative. I also quite enjoyed your snowflake story, and picturing you flailing about in a heavy jacket trying to catch them on slides! But I would have to say the favorite thing I learned about was the gumby suits and how you had to get a special small one. Fellow shorties unite! :P

Jacob Partida

I really enjoyed reading every day about what it's like to spend time on a long cruise on a ship like the RV NBP. To be honest, what made me most excited was seeing how big the CTD rossete was! That thing is awesome. And you'll have to tell me what it was like working with the multi-beam sometime.