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see attached PDF manual for individual materials in each lesson
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The attached PDF contains 5 different lessons and lab activities for high school earth science, environmental science and biology classes. The focus is on permafrost and related topics including the earth’s carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect, climate change, and aqueous geochemistry. The diagrams and photographs included in this manual, along with additional visual materials, are included in the attached Thawing Permafrost PowerPoint Presentation, also available on Google Drive. For the activities described in this manual, access to permafrost is not necessary. The activities will work fine with compost, humus, soil with a high organic content, or even leaf litter.

The PDF manual includes the following complete lessons as well as background information and supplementary resources:

  • Lesson 1: What is Permafrost?
  • Lesson 2: Climate Feedback Loops
  • Lesson 3: Dissolved Organic Matter in Natural Waters
  • Lesson 4: Effect of Sunlight on DOM
  • Lesson 5: Respiration from Natural Waters

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See attached PDF

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