APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) International Polar Week is a traditional APECS event held twice a year during the equinoxes (March and September), that is, the dates when the Sun is exactly above the Equator, making day and night of approximately equal length in the northern and southern hemispheres. This is a celebration of the polar and alpine regions with the aim of increasing interest and knowledge about these regions.

The next international polar week will take place this week (27 March - 2 April 2023). During this time, APECS will host activities to engage students, researchers, educators, and everyone interested in the polar regions to share experiences and curiosities at a series of events around the world.

They are planning to cover several topics during the week including the Arctic, Antarctica and Alpine regions, the importance of polar regions for climate change, polar art, and polar engineering.

To learn more about events happening this week, visit this webpage on the APECS website.

Equinox illustration