It is finally time for the summer Arctic research season to begin! And, with the researchers, ARCUS will be supporting a few teachers through PolarTREC.

Starting in July, teacher Eric Filardi heads out with a research team to the interior of Alaska. The team will be working out of the Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed, working closely with NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network). They are looking to answer “What are the environmental and biological controls of photosynthetic phenology in permafrost-affected boreal forests?”. You can learn more through the expedition website.

In July, teacher Jennifer Johnson will be in Alaska and working with researchers out of Utqiaġvik, Alaska. The team plans to use observations, experiments, and models to understand how the fluctuations in the numbers of small mammal herbivores (lemmings) on the tundra. You can learn more about lemmings and this project and read about the experience through the website.

In August, teacher Rebecca Seigel will be traveling to the northern Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. Rebecca will be joining several researchers on a ship-based expedition to look at harmful algal blooms.

All the teachers will be sharing their experiences through journals, videos and photos, and real-time events from the field. Feel free to subscribe to the journals or follow along on social media!

Image of a CTD rosette with scientists Vasily Kuznetsov and Naoya Kanna prepare the rosette for a cast. Aboard the Akademik Tryoshnikov in the Laptev Sea. Photo by Jon Pazol (PolarTREC 2021), Courtesy of ARCUS