Following graduate school in 1984 Ken Williams started teaching at a small public school on the Maine coast. He has been at Nobleboro Central School ever since. New England has a tradition of community schools and Nobleboro is no exception as a K-8 school with a total student population of 130. Mr. Williams is particularly thrilled to be teaming with scientist Seth Campbell as Mr. Campbell attended Nobleboro Central during his K-8 years. Mr. Williams was a teacher and Mr. Campbell was a student during Mr. Campbellʼs middle school years between 1989 and 1991 and the two have maintained a friendship over the years. Mr. Campbell has mentored the entire Williams family on various rock climbing adventures and he has returned to Nobleboro multiple times to present his research and help Mr. Williams guide 8th grade wilderness trips. Mr. Williams likes to tell whoever will listen that Mr. Campbellʼs first backpacking experience was with Nobleboroʼs Outing Club. Although mostly a science teacher, the nature of a small school with only three faculty for grades 6-8 necessitates Mr. Williams' multi-disciplinary content work and he loves teaching reading as much as science. The small school setting, with class size routinely at ten or less, proves that relationships between students and teachers matter most. This is evident as a former student is now taking his teacher on a very excellent adventure in the Arctic. Mr. Williams believes that it is only because researcher Campbell wants to give him homework.

Nobleboro Central School

Damariscotta, ME
United States