Meet the seals! Part two

    Here’s the rest of our ‘seal team’…

    Seal 11 – ‘Granite’

    Meet Granite
    Granite was tagged near Granite Harbour – about a 2 hour helicopter ride from McMurdo Station.

    Here are some of Granite’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Female
    • Weight 273 kg (602 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 230 cm (7.5 ft.)

    Seal 12 – ‘Boo’

    Meet Boo
    Boo got her name because in this photo she looked a bit spooked by us.

    Here are some of Boo’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Female
    • Weight 374 kg (825 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 244 cm (8 ft.)
    • Boo was born in 2002 – making her a little over 9 years old at the time this photo was taken. She was likely born in November of 2002 and the picture was taken in January of 2012.

    Seal 13 – ‘Lucky’

    Meet Lucky
    Most people might consider the number 13 to be unlucky. Not for me – or this seal. This was the 13th seal we tagged, she was 13 years old, and 13 just happens to be my lucky number. That’s how Lucky got her name!

    Here are some of Lucky’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Female
    • Weight 410 kg (904 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 246 cm (8.1 ft.)
    • Lucky was born in 1998- 13 years old

    Seal 14

    Seal 14 was tagged near Tripp Island – approximately an hour and a half north of McMurdo via a helicopter ride. Unfortunately, the helicopter has very limited seating and I was unable to fly on this mission. Therefore, seal 14 doesn’t have a name or photo. But I do have his stats…

    Here are some of Seal 14’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Male
    • Weight 227 kg (500 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 224 cm (7.3 ft.)

    Seal 15 – ‘Bashful’

    Meet Bashful
    This seal didn’t seem want to have his picture taken – he was bashful!

    Here are some of Bashful’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Male
    • Weight 289 kg (637 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 216 cm (7.1 ft.)

    Seal 16 – ‘Sonic’

    Meet Sonic
    Most of the seals we worked with were relatively quiet – but not this seal! He was making some ‘out of this world’ sounds – so we named him Sonic!

    Here are some of Sonic’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Male
    • Weight 230 kg (507 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 219 cm (7.2 ft.)

    Seal 17 – ‘Scout’

    Meet Scout
    Meet Scout!

    Here are some of Scout’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Female
    • Weight 347 kg (765 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 236 cm (7.7 ft.)

    Seal 18 – ‘Buck-a-roo’

    Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Buck-a-roo because as her name implies she didn’t sit still very well. Darn!

    Here are some of Buck-a-roo’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Female
    • Weight 425 kg (937 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 258 cm (8.5 ft.)

    Seal 19 – ‘Glory’

    Meet Glory
    This seal was an easy one to name. Glory was found near ‘Old Glory’- an American Flag.

    Glory Close Up
    Here’s a close-up of Glory!

    Here are some of Glory’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Female
    • Weight 381 kg (840 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 240 cm (7.9 ft.)

    Seal 20 – ‘Patrick’

    Meet Patrick
    Patrick (the seal) and Patrick (the scientist) napping in the snow.

    Patrick (the seal) was the smallest male seal we tagged and Patrick (the scientist) was the smallest male member of our team. That’s how this seal got his name!

    Here are some of Patrick’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Male
    • Weight 233 kg (514 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 211 cm (6.9 feet long) - shortest seal in length

    Seal 21 – ‘Bobber’

    Meet Bobber
    Our last seal – sniff, sniff! This seal really enjoyed bobbing up and down in the water – that’s why we named her Bobber!

    Bobber Close Up
    Bobber bobbing up in the water.

    Here are some of Bobber’s basic ‘stats’.

    • Female
    • Weight 354 kg (780 lbs.)
    • Standard Length 221 cm (7.3 ft.)
    • Bobber was born in 2005 – so she was 6 years old at the time.