Flags for penguins
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    Flags for penguins
    This journal is brought to you by…

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    Penguin Videos!

    I can’t get enough of these cuties, and I thought you might feel the same way! Today, I’m sharing videos of Emperor penguins and Adelie penguins, just because they are too cute not to share!

    First up, the Adelies!

    This first clip shows an Adelie rookery. If you remember from my first penguin post, Adelies make their home on the rocks. Here, you can see a colony of hundreds of penguins. How many can you count?

    Got something to say?

    This is one of my favorites! Listen up during this next clip, and you will hear this Adelie make two different calls!

    Make sure you watch until the very end.

    Does this penguin’s call remind you of any other animal?

    Flap, flap, flap

    Watch this Adelie flap its wings! If penguins don’t use their wings for flying, what do you think all this movement is about?!?

    What do you think this penguin is trying to do? Is this exercise? Is he trying to attract a mate? Is it trying to tell me to get out of the way?

    Emperors on the move!

    This is another one of my favorite clips, watch these Emperor penguins do what they are famous for – marching!

    These penguin walk pretty swiftly through such a stiff wind!

    Emperor molt!

    This next clip (from my Jan/Feb expedition) shows a group of penguins molting their chest feathers, and each one is at a slightly different stage in this cycle. Can you tell which one is furthest along?

    Did you see the feathers fly?