Latitude: 62 03.489N Longitude 174 41.058W

    Yesterday we bid farewell to the ice and it was a perfect finale! After backing and ramming for hours to travel just a few miles through intensely thick ice that rocked the boat with its "rubble fields" and "ridges", we arrived at our final ice station!

    Back and Ram
    Yesterday morning we spent six hours backing and ramming intensely thick ice to only travel three miles! Take a look at the road we had to travel!

    Gloveless and sporting t-shirts under our MSD900s we hit the brow ready to drill cores and collect samples for one last glorious day before real spring takes hold and the sea ice begins to disappear into open-ocean.

    Bye, bye ice!
    This was our final ice station site. If we had to have a finale, this was the place for it. What a gorgeous farewell!

    We wanted to stall, drill just a few more cores, collect a few extra samples... any reason to stay off the boat but eventually we did have to get back on board. We are now headed back into the excitement of the bloom with the frenzy of activity that accompanies it. I will miss the ice but I sure won't miss getting dressed for it!...


    Weather Summary
    Warm and sunny! Well, by comparison!